All About Simple Skincare + A GIVEAWAY!

While I’m not out there roughing it everyday, I am a city girl.  And while I love my life more than words can describe, living in the city has made a (not-so-positive) impact on my skin.  Everyday, it’s affected by the polluted air, the harsh wind, and my on-the-go lifestyle.  

Now, if I were to sit here and tell you that I wash my face everyday and every night like the good girl that I know I should be, I’d be lying.  The thing is though, that I do aim to use my trusty Clarisonic every night before heading to bed but does that ALWAYS happen? Unfortunately not.  And in the mornings, I obviously feel better once I moisturize first thing after waking up but again, have I ever skipped that step and put on make-up right away because I’m already late as it is making it out my door… yess.

Will you please try not to judge me here?  I feel like I say that often on the blog but this time I’m serious.  I KNOW that I should be cleansing and moisturizing and hydrating and taking off my eye make-up after a long night out but sometimes, well, I just can’t help but crash in my uber comfortable beddy.  (Oh, and thanks in advance for not judging me for saying “beddy” – I just love that word).

Enter Simple Skincare

Simple Skincare Giveaway via #KindToCitySkin

You see, I am apart of the One2One Network and was asked to participate in a sponsorship campaign in honor of the Simple brand.  They sent me a slew of products from their line and let me tell you, I am loving it! I promise, all opinions are my own in this post and with that, I couldn’t pass up this opportunity because I truly believe in everything this company stands for.  Not to mention, all of their skincare products are made for the sensitive skin type, which – surprise! – is exactly the category I belong in!  Knowing that they never use artificial perfumes, dyes or harsh chemicals is a huge plus for anyone, sensitive skin or not, I would think ;)

If that doesn’t provide you with some food for thought, check this out:  the company recently surveyed woman in major US cities on their skincare habits.  Per the results, they’ve launched a campaign aptly named “Kind to City Skin” which is obviously right up my alley.  Take a look below at this enlightening (very short!) video they’ve put together to kick off this campaign and highlight the polled results:

Now for the fun part:
I will be giving away 6 full-size Simple Skincare products for your skin-quenching pleasure!  All you have to do is enter via the Rafflecopter widget below (the more options you complete, the better your chances of winning) and if you’re the lucky winner, you will receive everything in the picture above…
Simple Ultra-Light Gel Moisturizer ($10.99); Simple Nourishing 24-Hour Day/Night Cream ($10.99); Simple Protecting Light Moisturizer with SPF 15 ($10.99); Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes ($5.99); Simple Eye Make-up Remover Pads ($6.99); and Simple Foaming Facial Wash ($6.99).

Get ready, get set, GO!
(and sending lots of good luck your way)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I will have to try this makeup Dana….Looks like its great for your skin… Even though your skin always looks great!!

  2. BlackAsphodel says:

    My only ‘bad’ habit would be that I never use sunscreen or care much about whether my moisturizer and/or foundation have spf in them. As long as they moisturize and keep my skin from becoming shiny, I’m ok with them.


  3. Stephanie says:

    once in a awhile i for get to wash my face at night

  4. Laura m says:

    I sometimes forget to remove my makeup before bed

  5. Finding products that I love help it to be a much easier experience to actually treat my skin well. But I slack in the morning routine. I should probably wash my face in the morning as well. Oh and I never take off my mascara. It kinda just goes on the days before. Or some comes off in the shower.

    Thanks for sharing about these products!

  6. I totally abuse my skin!! I’m horrible with washing my makeup off and love to be my own aesthetician!!! Not good!!!

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