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My Top 10 Moments of 2012

December 29, 2012 in I Adore What I Love

We are Chautauqua bound… and it’s snowing like crazy here! Instead of going to see a movie, we decided to stay in and do our own thing.  So, I was just looking at my twitter feed and noticed that Kim K (AKA Kim Kardashian for those of you not up with the times) was counting down her top 10 moments of the year. I was INSPIRED and decided that I would try to do this myself.  Here goes it:

#10 Witnessing so many of my best friends get married!  Five of my best friends got married in 2012 and it’s absolutely amazing to have been included in on each of their celebrations.  Each wedding that I attended was completely different in it’s own way, with each representing the couple tying the knot beautifully.  So many memories were made this year attending so many unforgettable weddings with my husband!  Seeing my friends happy is the icing on the cake!

#9 [February] Falling in love with Flywheel. I’ve already discussed with you my Flywheel obsession but what you don’t know is that it all started in February, 2012!  Because I lived in the building that Flywheel sits on top of, they offered free classes every Saturday during the month of February to residents. I decided to take advantage and fell in love at first bike ride. Now I’m a regular (besides for my couple-month-as-a-newlywed-hiatus; I’m back people!)

#8 Wedding planning! Ahhh the thing I loved to hate but actually really loved, and then hated, and then loved. Enough said.

#7 [September 5th] Celebrating my 28th birthday with my husband in New York City for the long labor-day weekend. Eating at Buddakan NYC, seeing The Newsies on Broadway, and exploring parts of the city I’ve never explored before, with my favorite person on Earth!

#6 [June 7th] Moving in together with my husband! Finally! We got married two days later so it was a crazy few days there, but it was worth the wait because now I get to live with him for the rest of my life. Lucky me!

#5 My wedding showers in Rochester, then Erie and then Chicago! One was better than the next and I couldn’t be more thankful to everyone who took the time to throw me a party!  What more could a girl ask for?

#4 [June 8th] Our Rehearsal Dinner night at Petterino’s! Surrounded by the ones we love, this night could not have been anymore perfect. The speeches were heartfelt but funny, serious but kind, and warm and genuine.  Although I will never forget it, I just wish we had the videographer there to capture all the special moments this night had to offer.

[March 23-25] My Bachelorette Party in HOTlanta!!! Thrown by my two besties and maid of honors, Alyse and Blake, this weekend was amazeballs!  Never having been to Atlanta before, we did it right… from playing bachelorette games and watching the IU final four game, to going boating (well, if you can call it that haha), to watching the “Sh*t Dana Says” video, to meeting Ronnie from the Jersey Shore in the club one night, etc. etc., this was such an awesome weekend spent with 12 of my very best girl friends who I still can’t thank enough for making the weekend so special!

#2 [June 13-23] My honeymoon in St. Barths and Anguilla! Need I say more?  Our honeymoon in paradise was arguably the best 10 consecutive days of my life!  Read all about it by clicking on the link… and you’ll find out why I still dream about it daily.

#1 [June 9] My wedding day! Words cannot describe what an incredible, sensational, unbelievable day and night this was for me. From getting ready in the morning with my bridesmaids, taking pictures around Chicago with the wedding party, and then finally having the BEST night of my life surrounded by all mine and my husband’s family and friends in one room was absolutely magical. Although I can’t relive our perfect night, I will have our wedding video forever to re-watch over and over and over again!

So there you have it: my top 10 favorite moments of 2012.

Each one of these memories makes me smile so wide… here’s to hoping 2013 is just as great! :)


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