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Restaurant Review: Little Market Brasserie

March 28, 2013 in I Adore What I Love
When I went? Been for dinner twice now.
Who went? Went for the first time with my good girl friends and went with the hubby the second time around.
Favorite part? I’ll put it simply: the really good food.  I love how you can share everything you order with the people you’re with since the best items on the menu are found under the “small plates” section (in my opinion anyways). In addition to that, the first time I went, we absolutely adored our waiter and the second time I was there, I fell in love with the atmosphere even more than I originally did. The Mushrooms on Toast were so good that next time I go, I may just get it for myself as my main meal.  Like, seriously delicious.  I am a total mushroom person to start with but because of that, I’m usually not impressed with mushroom dishes at restos – but this was not the case here… loved it!!  If you like beets, I would recommend their take on them and if you enjoy Mac & Cheese, you won’t be disappointed with Little Market’s version. Their french fries are also a stand-out item too. As you can tell, all my favorites were extremely healthy… or NOT!  Oooops.
Least Fav Part? When I went with my friends, I honestly left there thinking every single aspect was perfect.  However, when I left after having dined there with my husband, unfortunately, there were (only a few) negatives.  First, we got scallops and although they were cooked to perfection, the whole dish was thrown off because the sauce was COLD.  Yes, cold. We didn’t even say anything because we felt bad and really loved the actual scallops – which were hot and tender.  Next, our waiter was not up to par with the service, knowledge, and friendliness I received with the waiter that I had when I went with my girlfriends. The other negatives were minor and not even worth sharing because…
Overall, would I go back? 100% indeed I would!  I look forward to trying their Baja Lobster Roll, which the person next to me was eating and told me himself that he thought it was “unbelievable” (yes, I might have asked… we were kind of conversing with their table throughout the meal). I also want to try the Shrimp Cocktail and Gnocchi in the future, however, one thing is for certain: every time I go, I will be getting the Mushrooms on Toast. Obviously!!  (Another obvious: every time I go, I know that the next day, I will be working out HARD!)
My two favorite things on the menu…
mushrooms on toast & mac & cheese

I  mean….. go make your reservations NOW!

The cool and hip brasserie scene!

Little Market Brasserie is located at 10 E. Delaware Place in the Gold Coast

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