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The Bachelor Finale: Sean

March 12, 2013 in I Adore What I Love

PicturePhoto Credit: Sean Lowe Instagram

The Bachelor. Oh how I love The Bachelor. Monday nights at 7p are definitely my guilty pleasure. Especially because every week I get to hang with my friends, drink wine, eat a homemade meal and banter about all the ridiculous things these crazy girls (or hot guys during Bacherlorette season) are saying. Some seasons are better than others though, and hands down, this one was in the top 5!

As we all know, last night was the finale and Sean, my fav bachelor to date, chose Catherine!! So I’m going to get right to it – here are my thoughts:

#1. I adore Catherine... one of my favorite things is that she is just a regular girl. Not too skinny, not too sexy, she’s a brunette like me (haha had to throw that in there) but in addition to all of that, I think she is absolutely gorgeous and has the best smile!  (Side note: I have nothing against skinny, sexy, blondes, but I do think because of Emily Maynard, I automatically imagine Sean with that type of girl).  Personality wise, she’s so quirky but in the coolest possible way and I completely get why Sean picked her.  #2. I love their relationship. It’s cute seeing the fun-loving silly side they bring out in each other and watching them seems so natural. Now, I may see things differently than you because my work friend accidentally spilled the beans to me regarding who was going to get the final rose during the week of episode two (she read, obviously) so I have been keeping a very close eye on the dynamics of these two. Not a joke, every time they are together they just seem extremely natural and happy. This brings me to #3. I believe that the producers chose not to show much of Sean and Catherine’s relationship all throughout the season because it was probably so flipping obvious from the get-go! He definitely lights up when she’s around and vice versa! They communicate well, they have fun together, and they want to get married sooner than later; that’s how it should be!  #4. I felt really bad for Lindsay. She was never my favorite and I truly think their relationship was primarily based on the physical (I mean, they couldn’t keep their lips off each other) but in the end, she was the one let go and I might have started to tear. Okay, I did tear. #5. She exited like a true classy woman, however, and showed such poise and dignity through the heartache and shock of being dumped on national television from a guy she most positively LOVED. Even though she was wearing a really bad dress, I have to admit, I was impressed. #6. I am a little mad at Sean. Why in the world did he think it was okay to tell Lindsay that he still loved her the night he was proposing to someone else? Not to mention that that someone else was one of her good friends!?  That just killed me!  Even if he still did feel that way, he shouldn’t have said that to her and especially when millions of people are watching on TV.  I would not have been happy if I were Catherine watching the episode back. Shame on him! #7. Sean just wants everyone to like him so I guess I will forgive him for all that I am mad at him for. I’m a people pleaser too so I can’t hate too much. #8. Did you hear that Sean is going to be on Dancing with the Stars?  Although I’m excited to keep watching him on the tele, I hope that afterwards they can go back to being a normal couple living in TX and step away from the cameras in LA… until the wedding at least! #9. Can’t wait to see them get married!! Maybe they’ll ride down the aisle sitting on an Elephant’s back? #10. What a perfect scene with the two of them on the elephant. I want to do that one day. Felt like it was out of a storybook.                  

Ahhhhhhhh #TheBachelorProducersStrikeAgain

Oh, and let’s not forget the big announcement that Des is going to be the next Bachelorette.  I can’t say that I’m not happy about it but I’m definitely not totally excited either.  I think she is fine and I’m obviously going to watch (and will probably love every minute), but I never felt a huge connection to her all season long.  I don’t find her to be overly entertaining, or stylish, or even that sweet but looking on the bright side, I’m glad it’s not AshLee (I was never a huge fan of her too intense and serious nature)! Overall, it’s only been a day since Sean revealed his match but let’s be honest, I’m already ready to watch…. most.dramatic.season.yet.

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