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Create and Send Personlized Cards… in Minutes

April 21, 2013 in I Adore What I Love
Walking into a Walgreens or CVS to purchase a card is always a daunting task for me.  First of all, I am like the worst at finding the type of card I am looking for, and then once I do find it, I’m never satisfied with the selection available so I end of with something that is beyond queer or ridiculously corny and usually more $ than I ever imagined a card could be.Enter my favorite app.  It’s one that I’ve been using since it launched and I’ve literally been holding out on sharing it with my readers because, well, it’s kind of been my best kept secret.  However, today I’ve decided to share the love.  It’s called Cleverbug and let me tell you, it sure is clever.In a nutshell, Cleverbug creates personalized 5 x 7 paper cards ($2.99 + stamp) or e-cards (always free) for any one of your facebook friends using tagged fbook photos of you and the friend who you’re creating the card for.  You can send a birthday card (and they have specialized ones for big bdays such as 16, 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, and 60 years), holiday cards (such a Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day), or you can even randomly send a card to a good friend who you’ve been thinking about lately (which is sure to make his or her day!)My favorite features of this app is that there are so many photo-friendly designs to choose from in picking out the perfect card for any occasion.  The app automatically inputs photos into the card when you first see the design but of course you can change the pictures or upload your own, too!  The cards are printed on high quality card paper and you can have the card sent to you so you can give your personalized card to your friend directly or there’s an option to have Cleverbug send the card out on your behalf, on the date that you decide on.In addition, this clever app will notify you of upcoming facebook friends’ birthdays or you can easily search for the person you want to send the card to by typing their name in a box. So simple!Some of the cards are funny.  Some of the cards are sweet.  And all of the cards are genuinely cuter than the next.  I’ve already sent a bunch out to people and everyone that’s been on the receiving end is extremely impressed!  Oh, and how can I forget to mention that you can personalize the cards a step further by writing in your own message too!  Can it get much better than that?Well, yes.  Haha I bet you didn’t think I would say that. Let me explain…

Although I am totally obsessed with this app and love love love that you can create and send a personalized card in minutes straight from your mobile phone, there are some updates that need to be made.  A few months ago I actually emailed the company behind Cleverbug to share my feedback with them and received a very nice response in less than 24 hours.  The lady who wrote me back assured me that they are working on many of the features that I suggested and hope to include some of them in the upcoming rounds of updates.  A few have already been implemented into the app.  Wooohoooo!

All photo credit goes to the iTunes App Store

So what are you waiting for? Go download Cleverbug from the app store and
create the perfect Mother’s Day card for your Momma.
Your first card is FREE!

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