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The Chronicles of my 3-Day Juice Cleanse

April 26, 2013 in I Adore What I Love
I know the other day I spoke of my new fav snack (greek yogurt icees), but for the past 3 days I haven’t been able to eat it.  Actually, I haven’t been able to eat ANYTHING for that matter!

Well, I guess I’ve been able to… but I’ve chosen not to.

I started a 3-day juice cleanse from Element Wellness in Old Town on Tuesday after buying a YouSwoop a few months ago. When I picked up my juices on Monday after work, I was salivating by the look of each one because they all looked better than the next…
I saw green juices, orange juices, purple juices, and juices that appeared to look like chocolate milk, which I adore. As you can imagine, I was intrigued and motivated to begin this thing.

Below, I’ve chronicled the journey of my 3-day cleanse:

DAY 1:
So I woke up really excited! I began my day with a large bottle of water with lemon, as they told me to drink each morning and was totally content.  Once I got to work, I opened my first green drink, called “Harmony” which is a blend of kale, spinach, celary, cucumber, wheat grass, and lime. As soon as I starting drinking, all my excitement quickly turned to dismay… the juice was not what I expected!  Unfortunately, it was so much worse.  I drank it anyway, very slowly, and got through my morning teaching, which definitely took my mind off of not being able to eat actual food.  When it came time for lunch, I was not anticipating enjoying the next bottle of juice, called “Shine,” a blend of carrot, pinapple, lemon, and ginger  but happily, I thought it was absolutely delicious!  It was a very pretty orange color and it tasted satisfyingly sweet and freshYES!  “Shine” gave me hope for what was to come. The people at Element Wellness noted that you should be drinking your juices every two hours which made sense because around 3:00 I was totally wanting another.  This time, I drank the green “Clarity,” a mix of green apple, cucumber, celary, ginger, cilantro, lemon, and parsley and I was pleasantly surprised! I liked this one too!  I went to a hot yoga class from 4:30-5:30 and before heading inside, I downed half of “Purify,” which I was told had lots of key nutrients in it but was really just a mix of chlorophyll and water. The woman at Element Wellness said to drink it whenever you want, thus why I split it up throughout my day.  To be honest, it tasted like unsweetened iced tea even though it looked like a dark green waterAnyways, I thought it might be a big mistake on my part by going to hot yoga but I was so wrong!  I had more energy then ever, I wasn’t light headed in the least, and although sweating beyond belief, I handled the heat better than usual.

After yoga, I kept myself busy but running some errands and then I had a paid market research survey to attend on the topic of pizza.  The whole time we were talking about pizza I didn’t even crave it and by the time I got home it was 9:30 PM!  I still had one more drink to go… the much anticipated “Zen,” which is supposed to be reminiscent of dessert!  “Zen” is a blend of almond milk, hemp protein powder, cacao, cinnamon, vanilla, and stevia and let me tell you, it is damnnnn good!  It tastes like cold hot chocolate with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top, which is something that I’ve never had but could only imagine to taste zen-like. Basically, I wanted more before heading to bed. And speaking of bed, the icing on the cake was that I had the best night sleep I’ve had in a long while… day 1 actually wasn’t so bad!!

DAY 2:
I woke up wideeyed and energized!  It was actually a great feeling that I haven’t felt in a while.  I went on the scale and was 2 lbs lighter! Wooohooo! This thing was working, and I was reaping the benefits. I wasn’t hungry at all when I woke up, but to be honest, I never really am.  I drank my big bottle of water with lemon and then tackled “Harmony,” again slowly but hesitantly.  I drank the juices in the same order that I did during day 1, although the woman at Element Wellness said there is no specific order to follow.  She did advise that I start with a green drink, then go for a colored one, and continue that sequence throughout the day.  It worked for me on day 1 so I kept with it for day 2The remainder of the day was not too bad but around 3:00p, I started feeling EXHAUSTED!  It didn’t last for too long and again, I went to bed with more energy than ever (also probably due to the excitement of packing all night for LA, which is where I am right now for a friends bachelorette party!) but once I hit the pillow, I was out like a light all night long! 

DAY 3:
First of all, day 3 came so fast.  The first two days were so much better than I expected them to be and I was anticipating how I was going to feel on this last day of juicing.  Again, I had a great night sleep (I could get used to this) and woke up ready to begin my day!  I drank the juices in the same order that I’d been drinking them in all along but midday I realized something: I would not be able to drink “Zen,” the last juice, or milk, I should say, because I was going on a plane at night and you can’t bring liquids through airport security!  I was surprisingly okay during my 4 hour plane ride, making sure to keep satisfied as I sipped on some water with lemon. I also slept which definitely helped the cause too!  Once I landed, my friends picked me up and we went straight to their house.  I had a glass of almond milk, chatted a little bit, and went straight to bed!

I’ll start by saying that it was weird to wake up knowing that I’ll actually be able to chew something today!  Unfortunately, because I am not home, I don’t have the same scale that I would typically weigh myself on, so I decided to forgo even checking how many lbs I lost in total.  I will say, though, that all my clothes definitely fit better and overall, I feel healthier, revitalized, and rejuvenated.  Did I tell you that I’m doing it again in a few weeks before I go to our friends’ wedding in Arizona?  Well, I am and after this experience, I’m actually really looking forward to it.  Although a challenge, it was one that I will take on again with pleasure! 

If any of you are thinking about doing it, I hope this was a helpful glimpse into what it takes each day.

I say go for it! 

Because in the words of Kelly Clarkson, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!!


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