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The Ultimate Bridesmaid Gifts

April 14, 2013 in Gift Guides, I Adore What I Love
Although no longer a bride, having gone through the whole wedding process myself, I’ve been asked time and time again from my friends what’s a good gift they should get for their bridesmaids!  Now, I am definitely not an expert on this topic but what I do know is that my girls were in LOVE with the thank you gifts that I got them and continue to tell me to this day.
One of my girl friends who is getting married in just a few weeks recently came to me with this very same question, thus inspiring me to share my opinions with all of you.

1. Get them something you know they’ll like. 
This is important. They have put so much time and effort into helping you / listening to you / spending their own
money on you / supporting you in all things wedding during the entirety of your engagement that the least you can do is give them a gift they’re excited about! 

2. You do not have to get every girl the same thing but make sure all the gifts are on an even playing field. 
What I mean by that is, don’t get one friend a $300 Gucci clutch and another cheap earrings and a picture frame.
Not cool.
3. Conversely, I would also stay away from getting the EXACT same thing for every bridesmaid. Everyone has different tastes and even though one of your friends is obsessed with the color of Big Bird, all the girls are not going to want a bright yellow scarf. End of story.
4. As the bride and your bridesmaids’ bestie, you should LOVE what you pick out for them too.
You should want to have it as your own. I still regret to this day not buying myself the gift that I got for my bridesmaids. And my sister-in-law says the same thing too.  Remember that when it’s your turn.
5. Create a budget for how much you want to spend all together, and then divide it by how many bridesmaids
you have.

Not gonna lie,
I struggled with figuring out the perfect present for my girls too but having a budget helped me decide on a realistic gift that I could afford and was also bad ass. Another tip to think about is buying your gifts when they’re on sale!
With that being said, I’m not going to just leave you hanging on specific gift ideas!
See below for some of the best gifts a bridesmaid could ever ask for:
This is what I got my bridesmaids:
Deluxe Everygirl Tote

I bought each friend a similar style tote from LeSportsac that represented each of their individual looks.  Some of my bridesmaids got fun, patterned versions, while others were given black patent leather or a more subdued color.

The nicest gift you could possibly give:

The Bridesmaid Dress
that YOU Picked Out!

So you pick out this wonderful dress for each of your bridesmaids to wear but there’s one problem: none of your friends will probably wear them again.  They are a lot of money but they are perfect for your theme of your wedding. You just know your girls are going to look UH-MAZ but you feel bad asking them to purchase a dress to wear for one night. What to do? Pick up the expense yourself. It’s a win-win.

If you’re all about the monogramming:

Chain Necklace
Stella & Dot
Signature Initial Charm

Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m sooo not into monogramming, but I know many people are in the world.  I wouldn’t exactly call this a monogrammed gift, but an initial charm necklace is the next best thing.  It’s thoughtful, pretty, and personalized. And if you want to go a step further, and have the budget,
Stella & Dot offers over 15 charms
that you could add to the necklaces too for a mix and match look
(see the above picture). 
In addition, your bridesmaids can add to it even after the wedding.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving :)
This is what I got from my
Marc by Marc Jacobs
‘Pretty Nylon’ Cosmetics Case

This is a perfect gift because it’s not only cute, but it’s also practical and girly.  You really can’t go wrong
with this one. Everyone will
be thankful and excited. And it comes in many different colors too!

For those of you who want to
pamper your friends:
This is one of my favorite ideas because who doesn’t love having a spa day?!  SpaFinder Gift Cards can be redeemed at over 20,000 Spas, Yoga, Pilates, & Fitness Studios Worldwide.  Plus, it never expires which makes it even better!  Your bridesmaid can pick out the perfect spa that they want to use it at and also decide what service to get- from manicures and pedicures to Swedish massages and body wraps.  The Essie “Wedding Collection” is a great addition to this gift, as it‘s fitting for the occasion and pretty as can be! 

In the end, your bridesmaid will LOVE anything that you get her! 
And if she doesn’t, she will pretend the opposite.  This day is about you and your ‘maids

are just happy to be sharing in the moment by your side :)

For all you married ladies out there, what did you get for your bridesmaids??
Please share!


  • Lisa Tufano August 6, 2014 at 4:48 pm

    Dana, I totally agree with your 5 tips. I am not married but I’ve performed bridesmaid and MOH duty in many, many weddings now.

    In general, however, I absolutely despise monogrammed bridesmaid gifts. There are a few exceptions (I actually don’t hate the Stella & Dot necklace you picked out) but in general the practice of monogramming is not only extremely overdone, but a gift should always try to reflect the taste of the recipient and this idea just seems so generic. Don’t even get me started on monogrammed tote bags. ;)

    As you know, with bridesmaids spending upwards of $1500 to participate in a typical wedding, you can’t afford to look cheap or generic when expressing your gratitude. That’s why I love that you suggested pitching in or even buying the bridesmaids their dresses as their actual gift. That shows a real appreciation for the demand on time and money that joining a wedding party truly represents. And it probably also helps to keep the costs more reasonable for everyone.

    Thank you for providing such great advice, and sharing the perspective that you wish you had bought yourself one of the gifts as well to commemorate the experience. That never occurred to me!

    On my personal blog I have taken a stab at highlighting some gifts that I hope are truly creative and unique without breaking the budget (each is under $60), along with some tips for wedding party gift shopping in general. Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think, having been through this as a bride yourself!

    Lisa, Boss Lady-in-Chief | THINK LIKE A BOSS LADY

  • October 6, 2014 at 6:38 am

    I like this website. it is extremely useful.
    Thank you for sharing.

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