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Restaurant Review: Piccolo Sogno Due

May 8, 2013 in I Adore What I Love

FOUR WORDS: to-die-for-delish
Clockwise from top: Funghi Pizza, Burrata, Grilled Calamari, and Black Spaghetti
Obviously you can’t go to a resto like this without getting a glass of wine!

Desserts: ENOUGH SAID.
When I went? Been twice now, once when it first opened in July 2012 and then once earlier this month.

Who went? Isaiah and I went for the first time with a few other couples but our most recent trip (and the one I am basing my review off of) was just the two of us :)

Favorite part? The table service! And the bread basket served with the most unbelievable olive oil and balsamic I’ve ever tasted, made in house.  To elaborate, our waitress was super nice, attentive, and personable.  She totally took great care of us all night and was extremely knowledgeable on the menu.  She was able to answer any q’s we had prior to ordering and she was friendly in the perfect amount that you’d want your waiter or waitress to be friendly towards you. In addition, our bus boy was definitely on top of filling up our waters, taking away our plates and making sure we were happy diners. He had a big smile on his face the whole night and you could tell he loves his job.  Regarding the bread basket, it was already at our table upon sitting down, complete with three different kinds of warm bread and some homemade crackers.  The best combination was dipping the italian-style bread into the olive oil/balsamic concoction. I honestly could eat that as my meal… OH MY GD!

Least Fav Part? We got the Funghi Pizza, and although it said on the menu that the dish included radishes, we didn’t realize there would be so many!  It might have well been called the Radish Pizza!  Needless to say, we tried taking them off and the pizza was left with no taste so we sent it back.  We felt bad and weren’t planning on saying anything but they could obviously see that we didn’t eat it.  With that, the waitress was super sweet (as I was saying…) and gave us dessert on the house!! The only other negative was that although we had reservations for 8p, we didn’t end up getting seated until almost 8:30p and we were starving once we finally sat down!

Overall, would I go back?  For sure! Next time though, I will go with the mentality that reservations don’t really matter, because not only did that happen this last time we were there but I remember it also happening the first time with our big group.  I loved the Black Spaghetti with chillies and would definitely get it again as well as their grilled calamari (named on the menu Cicoria) which was cooked to perfection. Also, I may be back sooner than later to buy a bottle of the Olive Oil and Balsamic which are sold at the restaurant and as I mentioned, are homemade and to-die-for-delish!! As far as the desserts go, let’s just say that they tasted as good as they looked :)

Have you ever been? 
If so, let me know what you thought in the comments section below! 

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Piccolo Sogno Due is located at 340 N. Clark Street in the River North area of Chicago!

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