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The Perfect Scarf

Although I have a million, I’ve never been a scarf-with-my-outfit type girl.  Of course I wear scarves in the dead of winter, but as part of my outfit on your average spring or summer day, no thank you!  I’ve always loved the way they look on people but when I go to put on one of the tons of cute scarves that I have in my closet, it never fails that I take it off not even a mere 60 seconds later.  This has probably happened once a month for the past eight years, I kid you not, but do I still buy adorable scarves for myself that I see at Bloomies?  Duh!  Do I still attempt to wear them all the time even though I know in my head that I’m bound to change before even leaving my apartment?  Yes, indeed.  I don’t know what it is but I’ve always had faith that one day something would click and I’d fall in love with my scarved-clad attire that be… and guess what?? 

To make a long story short,
it happened!! A few weeks ago my mother-in-law forwarded me the latest Stella & Dot catalog and asked me what I liked in it… and although I love their jewels (I featured their super girly and chic baubles before on the blog here and here), ever since my engagement the only pieces of jewelry I religiously wear are my wedding rings!   I obviously checked out the catalog anyways and saw the cutest scarf, to which I wrote my mother-in-law back and told her that 1) she doesn’t have to get me anything if that was why she was asking and 2) the one thing that did catch my eye was not their jewelry (which is what they’re known for) but the Palm Springs Scarf in Turquoise Ikat!  A few weeks later, what do I get in the mail??  That very scarf!!!!!  I immediately knew who it was from and tried it on right away… it only took me .25 seconds to realize that this one was not only a keeper, but that it is beyond adorable and I might just live in it!  I love love loved the way it looked on me and right off the bat adored the material, the pattern, the color, and the size…
This, my friends, is the PERFECT scarfSince I received it last week, I have worn it way too many times to count already, always feeling trendy and cool while getting tons and tons of compliments on it.  A few days ago I even ordered myself the red version of the same scarf and I was so excited when I came home today to see that it had already arrived!  The best part though?  These scarves won’t just sit in my closet and take up space!You can dress them up or down and you can wear either of the colors anywhere your little heart desires.
Well, at least I will :)

Take a look at the scarf in action when the hubs and I went to Chinatown this past weekend for dinner:



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