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Dad’s are Great (A Father’s Day Gift Guide)

June 6, 2013 in Gift Guides
Last month, I touched on why moms are great so in honor of Father’s Day coming up next Sunday, June 16th, I thought I would take some time to speak about the importance of our fathers…because let’s be honest, they are great too!

Whether you’re father is a manly man, sports fanatic, or sensitive in his own right, there is one thing that all dads I’ve come across have in common – they care about their children more than they care about their own well being.  I know my dad would do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING for me, even though at times I get on him for making ridiculous jokes or referencing something so out nowhere that nobody in the room understands what he’s talking about (sorry for calling you out, dad, but it’s true!).  All in all, I know when it comes down to the nitty gritty, my dad is always there to support me, listen to me, get me out of a bind, and calm me down when I’m feeling hyped up.  And I can say the same about my father-in-law as well.  My husband and I are both incredibly lucky to have such hand-working, understanding, and wonderful father figures in our lives.If you haven’t thought about what to get your dad for his big day, here’s your chance!  I’ve come up with some pretty stellar options for every type of father out there, in all different price ranges.  Obviously your dad will be incredibly appreciative for whatever you choose, but this is the year to really impress him… and with this awesome father’s day gift-giving guide, you will definitely succeed in that department =)

What are you waiting for?

If your dad is a golf-pro, there’s no better gift than the gift of personalized golf balls!  It’s sweet, nice, endearing, a little silly, and most importantly, super thoughtful! makes it easy with no minimum order, hidden fees, and the ability to write 3 lines of text on the actual golf ball!  So cool!  You can make this gift as inexpensive or expensive as you want depending on the quality of golf balls that you choose to buy.  Done and done!

What dad doesn’t LOVE to “man” the grill?!?  That answer is obviously rhetorical because I know first hand that EVERY guy has an obsession with “his” weber.  A couple weeks ago, Bon Appétit Magazine published their new book entitled The Grilling Book: The Definitive Guide from Bon Appetit, and I happen to think it would make the perfect gift for the amazing dad in your life!

Just in time for summer, every father needs a good pair of swim trunks!  These ones from Vilebrequin ($230) are worth investing in.  They come in an abundance of fun colors, prints, and styles.  Bonus: you can even buy a matching pair for your son!  Adorbs!!  (Also good to know: my hubby has a pair that he’s worn to death & they still look brand new!)

For the sports fanatic father, why not go all out and give him a pair of tickets to go see his favorite baseball team + a baseball hat to go along with it!  I know my dad would loveee this gift!  And who knows?  Maybe he’ll even be nice enough to take his fav child with him to the game?  Meaning YOU of course :)

Your dad probably wouldn’t buy new, cool, hip socks on his own but I’m sure he would love them as a gift!  Surprisingly, Rob Kardashian makes such fun socks under his line Arthur George, which is carried at Neiman Marcus.  Hey, if they are good enough for NM, they are good enough for your daddy!  With that said, there are a million different prints… and one that’s sure to fit your father’s awesome personality.

I may be prejudice, but in my opinion, this is a damn good Father’s Day Gift Guide!
You know he deserves the world, so go out and get him one of these fab gifts NOW.

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