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I Adore What I Click

June 23, 2013 in I Adore What I Love
Obviously as an avid internet reader, pop culture fiend, blog-obsessed 20-something, easy-yet-delicious recipe seeker, and all-around pinterest lover (yes, I realize that’s a lot of self-admitting titles), I’m clicking on web links 24/7 like it’s my job (it’s not – and I do work after all, so I’m not exactly clicking away 24/7 here but you get my drift), all in hopes of coming across something interesting, entertaining, endearing, funny, and above all, exciting to read.What I’m trying to say is this: once a month I am going to come up with a list of a few links that I’ve clicked on which I believe are noteworthy to share with you, my I Adore What I Love readers.  My sources are sure to be random, whimsical, and unpredictable but that’s undoubtedly the fun of it all… ENJOY!

  1. These nutritious strawberry oat bars are right up my ally… and I can whip them up sans a stove-top?  I’m in.

  2. Eating meat and fish is something I can never give up, but this little boy’s take on it warms my heart.

  3. Instagram has introduced video… not sure about my thoughts on it yet but it’s probable that my #insta addiction will only grow larger because of it.

  4. About a month ago, I shared the first two episodes of Jimmy Kimmel’s Baby Bachelor – today, I am sharing the third episode. So freaking cute.

  5. Haven’t had enough? Here’s the fourth installment of Wesley’s journey to find love AND the fifth and final episode. Who will Wesley choose? Gabrielle or Jessie?

  6. Even US Weekly has gotten in on the Baby Bachelor action. Their newest (okay, it’s fake but I don’t care) mag cover is pretty incredible.

  7. Moving on…  one day this is what I want my shoe closet to look like. Yes, my shoe closet.

  8. I am not a morning person but I always wanted to be. Thus, I need to get on this program.

  9. Healthy brownies. Who knew?

  10. Last year at this time we just got home from our honeymoon. I want to go back.

Basically, I adore what I CLICK so be on the lookout for future link postings every month.

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