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Photsharing Made EASY – with Moshpic

June 25, 2013 in I Adore What I Love
Here’s a scenario for you: you’re at your best friend’s wedding and everyone is taking a gazillion cell phone pictures to add to their own photo collections.  Now, some of your friend’s pics are wayyy better than the ones you took and you want them for yourself!!  Unfortunately, you’ve been in this situation before and know that you’ll probably never see these pictures again since they weren’t taken with your cell.  Yeah, your friends MIGHT post these photos on facebook but then again, maybe they won’t.  And yeah, your friends can iMessage, text or even email them to your cell phone but only in clusters of 5 pictures at a time and that’s not very realistic considering the amount of photos taken at the wedding.  And last but not least, yeah, they can create an icloud Photo Stream if they know how but they want your pictures too and then it gets confusing because only one person can share with the group per photo stream.  Basically, your sh*t outta luck… and will just have to live with the fact that you can’t share your photos with each other.  So what’s a picture-loving individual to do?
Download Moshpic, of course…
the most perfect photosharing app that’s sure to eliminate all these problems!!
Moshpic is not only super user-friendly with a lovely aesthetically pleasing interface, but unlike so many other photosharing apps out there, it allows for private group photosharing from ALL parties into any albums, or “stacks” as they call them, that have been created.  On top of that, Moshpic allows for chatting within a stack and you can comment on photos that your friends have posted.  Don’t get it twisted though – this app is not a social networking site (which you might think given the fact that it allows for comments); conversely, communicating inside the app with only the people included in the specific stack group is just a fun add-on designed by the Moshpic team.  Personally, I think it’s genius. Oh, and did I mention it’s FREE?
Not enthused?  I’ve created a list of ideas for how to use my newest favorite app: 
(thus reinforcing my point in why you MUST download Moshpic as soon as possible)
  • 4th of July Family BBQ:
    Everyone in the family can upload their favorite pictures to the stack for lasting memories to add to the scrapbook.
  • Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties:
    You and your friends all had a blast celebrating your friend’s last days of singledom.  Invite all the attendees to the stack to get pictures you otherwise would not have seen. 
  • Wedding:
    Share your pictures with the bride and groom.  They will be oh-so-grateful for your iPhone candids.
  • Husband and Wife:
    He always snaps hilarious photos of you and you always snap cute pictures of him. Share them with each other in one place. Done and done. (Isaiah and I do this currently within a stack and it’s the best thing ever!)
  • Out-of-Town Friends or Family Members:
    Your just had a baby and so did you bestie in Denver… show off pictures of your little ones seamlessly and easily. 
  • Vacations:
    Share your favorite shots from your vacay in Mexico with your parents who are back home.  Have them upload pics of the exciting events they’re taking part in too. All with the touch of a button.
All Photo Credit goes to the iTunes App Store

I promise I didn’t get paid to write this post…
I just really love this app!

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