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Happy Anniversary, Nordstrom!

July 28, 2013 in I Adore What I Love
Growing up, I remember my mom anticipating the start of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale every year.  I also remember getting pretty excited about it myself, probably because her enthusiasm rubbed off on me even at a very young age.  When I went to overnight summer camp, which I loved every minute of, I recall secretly wishing that I could come home for a few days – mid camp session – just to attend the sale, since I knew by the time camp was over and I was on my way home that it would already be over!  One year, I got my wish but it came along with a broken foot, which is a completely separate blog post but I remember even with a broken foot and having to leave camp for nine days, a part of me was fine with it because I would get to go to the one and only Nordstrom Anniversary sale!  HA – if that doesn’t show my love of shopping, I don’t know what does.Fast forward to now, and I am still all about wishing my favorite retail store a happy anniversary, with a sale at my fingertips, of course.  If you haven’t already been, you MUST go asap – or better yet, just shop the sale online via ebates!  (I know not every city is fortunate enough to have an a magnifcent Nordy’s in the area).  Did I mention that all the selected sale items (anything from clothing to shoes to handbags to makeup and gift sets) are up to 30-40% off their original prices?!  That’s a lot… time to stock up, people!!

Enjoy a peak at some of my favorite things that the sale has to offer!
And for more details and a closer look at each item featured, click on the spread below =)

Have fun shopping the best sale in the business…
just hurry hurry because it ends August 4th and prices go back up the next day.

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