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My Crazy Weekend Full of Concerts!

July 25, 2013 in I Adore What I Love

If you live in Chicago, you would know that just within the past week alone there have been A LOT of musicians in town to perform for their fans!  The big ones including Beyoncé, New Kids on the Block with Boyz II Men and 98 Degrees, Phish, R. Kelly, Pearl Jam and Justin Timberlake with Jay-Z.  If you were amongst one of the lucky devotees, you got to see at least one of these unbelievable artists perform live, obviously giving it all they got.  I had the pleasure of attending two of these big-named artists’ concerts and seeing them give it their 100% in my hometown!  As I mentioned in my catch-up post from last Thursday, I knew I was going to have a busy week which included going to the New Kids concert with Boyz II Men and 98 Degrees as well as watching JT and Jay-Z do their thing together on stage. I also had the opportunity of taking part in a few other special events (some planned, some not) & I must admit, it was all pretty epic! That’s why I thought I’d share with you, my most favorite readers, the highlights!

My Crazy Weekend Full of Concerts -
My Crazy Weekend Full of Concerts -
My Crazy Weekend Full of Concerts -
My Crazy Weekend Full of Concerts -
Thursday night, I went to Allstate Arena with four other girl friends to see Boyz II Men, 98 Degrees and New Kids on the Block on tour… the whole show was amaaaaazing!!  At first, I thought Boyz II Men and 98 Degrees were pretty good but then when New Kids on the Block came on stage, I realized the other two bands didn’t hold a candle!  There were huge balloons, confetti, lots of cheesy choreography but I have to say, they were unbelievable!! Regardless of the fact that I used to sleep on their faces (I had a NKOTB pillow case growing up) I have to admit that  I am still a fan!  They rocked the house down for two hours & I loved every single minute!
My Crazy Weekend Full of Concerts -
On Friday night, Isaiah and I went to dinner to one of our favorite Chicago restos, Le Colonial.  As always, it was absolutely delish!  Then, in the middle of the night our two besties, Jen and Erik, who take the claim for introducing Isaiah and I to one another and whose wedding we just attended and were both apart of in Omaha, came into town from Hermosa Beach, CA and stayed with us until Tuesday!  Along with some other good friends, we all went to brunch on Saturday and proceeded to enjoy the rest of the day on the roof of American Junkie
My Crazy Weekend Full of Concerts -
At night, the crew all went to the Taste of River North and let me tell you, it was ridiculously PACKED!  Such a blast, but there was hardly room to move amongst the large crowds!  The Chicago-based 80’s band Sixteen Candles started playing around 8:00 pm and as we were watching them perform, the night’s sky turned from blue to gray in seconds… before we knew it, it was POURING outside and all over us!!  Considering I live so close, we could have easily gone into our apartment to avoid getting too wet but instead, we decided to stay and embrace the rain. I actually loved every minute!  I mean, it was seriously!!  It’s not everyday that I would hang out in the rain for two hours straight but as long as it stayed warm outside, and I was with my hubby and best friends, I was totally into it.  Sixteen Candles only got better and better throughout the night and we were dancing and singing along with them until they eventually called it quits.  Afterwards, Isaiah and I had all our friends over where we dried off, hung out, and had even more fun at our abode into the wee hours of the night… SUCCESS!
My Crazy Weekend Full of Concerts -
Monday night was the money night! AKA the reason why Jen and Erik came into town in the first place.  Us four, along with three other couples went to watch Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z blow up the stage at Soldier Field! I meeeannnnn, it was awesome.  And the best part: I learned something about my husband of over a year that night… he literally knows every single word to every single Jay-Z song put out over the years.  We were all dying over his rap skills!  I have to admit, I knew he liked Jay-Z but I never knew to the extent!  HA!  Even the songs that weren’t very popular or well known, my hubby knew every verse.  For me, seeing him in all his glory definitely made the night =) Getting home was a bitch but overall, it was SO worth it!!
My Crazy Weekend Full of Concerts -


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