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Summer Tunes: Remixxxxxx

July 7, 2013 in I Adore What I Love

Remember when I told you that I was training for a half-marathon to run in June?  Well, I have something to admit: I never ended up running in it.  It’s not that I didn’t want to – because I definitely did but with all the obligation vacations we took (not that I can complain) during the months of April, May and early June, I literally did not have it in me.  When I first signed up, I was regularly training according to my running schedule but once the every-weekend-traveling kicked in, it was just unfeasible for me to keep up with it.  Do I feel guilty for signing up and not running in it? Yes, I do.  But at the same time I was also finishing teaching and had a lot on my plate. Excuses, excuses, I know. But it’s true; I would come home from work and crash!  My mind was telling me to go run but my body was telling me the opposite.  So now you know… and it feels good to get it off my chest.

With that being said, this does not mean I’ve given up on working out!!  And lately, I’ve jumped back on the Flywheel bandwagon. I must admit, the instructors have been playing some damn good music recently. I’ve noticed that many of the songs have been mash-ups or remixes which has inspired me to compile a new summer playlist consisting only of these types of songs!  Although I’m still fixed on listening to my most recent running playlist that I created in March, I will definitely be changing it up by playing these remixes and mash-ups during my next outdoor run. Feel free to download this playlist for yourself via spotify. I promise that it won’t disappoint… and with that being said:Get ready for the REMIXXX!

Enjoy my 13-song REMIX playlist NOW…

And with that, I’m heading out to the lake for a breezy Sunday run.
Obviously I’ll be listening to my new tunes.


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