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Truth Alert: I Love Target

July 9, 2013 in I Adore What I Love
To say that I am Target-UBsessed is an understatement.  For one, I can go on and on about how amazing my favorite general store is but I’m sure you all already feel the same.  I mean, I don’t believe that I’m the only person who enters through their doors with the mentality that I am going to buy the one specific item I need but then unbeknownst to me, see that my cart is filled up with 25 have-to-have-right-this-second things not even 10 minutes after walking in!  Ughh, they seriously get me every time. 
From a cute maxi to workout gear that fits to their huge selection of fabulous home goods, this store is my heaven.
{Obviously the list doesn’t stop there but for the sake of time and not wanting you to get bored reading this, that’s where I will leave of}
Throughout the past few weeks, I have literally been in Target (actually, let’s be honest, I pretty much ALWAYS refer to this one-stop-shop as Tarjé) more times than I can count and it never fails that each time I walk out, I’ve left spending wayyy too much money on things that I probably didn’t really need but that I did really want.  Then again, it’s Target – where good quality meets affordable trends.  Okay, okay I’m beginning to sound like a commercial, and a broken record, but what can I say?  That’s what Tarjé does to me!  With that, check out my have-to-have créme of the crop picks that you can find right-this-second at a Tarjé near you –
because you know you wanna.
| Ice Pop Maker | Sports BraMaxi Dress | Sunglasses | Bathing Suit | Abstract Wall Art | Shorts | Skinny Belt | Floral Sundress | Crossbody Bag |

If you can believe it, the highest priced item I’ve featured is only $49.99… all the more reason to adore my favorite store!
P.S. Do you love Tarjé as much as I do? Let me know in the comments section below =)

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