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Back to School

August 15, 2013 in I Adore What I Love
Teacher’s Institute kicks off the beginning of the school year for me.  Monday I will officially be back to work and Wednesday is day numero uno for the kiddeos.  I can hardly wait!  This whole week I have been setting up my classroom diligently in anticipation of the first graders arrival.  I have started my days early and ended really late… and even though it’s a little overwhelming thinking about all that I still have to do, my classroom is slowly but surely getting there and I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  With that being said, even after working 12+ hour days, I can honestly say that I love what I do and am having the best time putting together my new room for the first time.  Shout-out to all who have helped me in the process! In honor of going back to school, I have put together my ideal day #1 (teacher) outfit…

What would you wear on the first day of school?

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