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Be the Best (Wedding) Guest

August 4, 2013 in I Adore What I Love
It’s been one year, one month, and twenty-seven days since Isaiah and I tied the knot (not that I’m counting or anything), but since then we have been to nine – yes, NINE – weddings.  Not to mention a few in the years prior too!  Each wedding was amazing and perfect and completely fit the aura, personality, and relationship of the couple getting hitched.  I’ve honestly adored attending each of these weddings and Isaiah and I feel honored to have been able to witness our close friends get married on their special day.  With that being said, I’ve learned a few things along the way and have mastered the rules of the road for standing out from the crowd and being the best wedding guest a bride and groom could ask for!

Rule #1: …starts with the gift!  Either buy something off the registry (and send it prior to the wedding day) or give a check (cash works too!) on the day of the wedding.  The said couple does not want anything other than that.  Even if you think they do, they don’t.  Hate to say it, but it’s true!

Rule #2: Arrive to the ceremony early.  I have been to weddings where there weren’t enough seats for the guests during the ceremony. I have also been to weddings where guests were walking into the room/church/temple at the same time the bridal party was walking down the aisle. Yikes!  So basically, if the ceremony starts at 7, get there no later than 6:30. It’s the smart thing to do.  Plus, you’ll have a great seat in witnessing the happy couple say their I Do’s!  It’s a win-win.

Rule #3: This one is crucial: DO NOT GET TOO DRUNK!  Of course weddings are a time to let loose, forget about the stress you’re dealing with at work, and have fun…. but that doesn’t mean you need to get wasted!  While you may end up drinking more than normal, it’s never a good look to be slurring your words or falling all over the place. Nobody wants to deal with that, even your significant other who attended the wedding as your plus one.  And besides, don’t you want to wake up the next morning excited for the provided wedding brunch and feeling like a million bucks?? I thought so.

Rule #4: No matter how close you are to the bride or groom, let them have their space throughout the night!  Even if you’re in the bridal party!  Especially during the cocktail hour, the newly married couple will come around and mingle, so get your picture with the glowing bride in her beautiful dress, tell them how happy you are to be there, and let them go on their merry way.

Rule #5:
Act like you love your table group even if you don’t! I can tell you first hand that making tables is one of the most difficult things to come up with when planning your wedding.  Just trust that there was a reason behind your table number and remember that you only have to sit there through dinner, then you can go dance!  Also, if you don’t know anyone, introduce yourself to others and make the best of it =)

Rule #6:
As soon as the band/DJ/music starts playing, go out onto the dance floor and get down like nobody’s watching!  For me, seeing my friends and family out of their seats dancing was SO important because it solidified that my guests were having a great time!  Don’t be shy – get into it, have fun and dance the night away! And girls – BRING COMFORTABLE, EXTRA PADDED FLATS!  You’ll thank me later.

Rule #7: If you must take a dancing break, make sure it’s for a great reason – like to peak at the sweet table, perhaps?  Enjoy a little bit of the wedding cake and than go back to the dance floor so you can shimmy those calories off in no time. 

Rule #8: Stay until the end of the night!  It will be MUCH appreciated by the bride and groom. Promise.

The thing about these rules is that in the end, there really are no rules.  But my point is, that thinking through your actions while celebrating good friends or family members tie the knot is the responsible thing to do.  You were invited to the wedding for one reason and one reason only… and that is because the bride and groom wanted you there to help them celebrate their special day.  By following these words of wisdom, you will come out ahead of the crowd and enjoy every minute too!  Instead of being negatively remembered for getting way too drunk or being the bride & groom picture hog, you’ll get noticed positively for your early arrival, amazing dance skills, and for the big smile across your face throughout the entire wedding extravaganza!! Most importantly though, have a freaking blast!!  Take pics! And make memories!

In honor of today’s post, it’s no secret that this year’s wedding song of the season was Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” – watch him perform it below with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots using elementary school classroom instruments!!  As a teacher, I love this!!!

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