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Time to Enjoy August!

August 1, 2013 in I Adore What I Love
I feel like I say this every month, because let’s be honest – I probably do, but the fact that it’s already August is nutty!  How can it be?!?!  For me, August is always bittersweet since it marks the last few weeks that I’m able to enjoy being on summer break… but then on the other hand, I go back to school which is always fun and exciting to see all my colleagues and good friends again; not to mention getting to know a whole new group of students!  Since I will be teaching first grade this year, I have to admit that I am even more excited than in years past because it starts a whole new endeavor in my life.  Essentially, I will be working a new job and when most would be a little nervous, I am totally looking forward to it!  Change is good and I anticipate a lot of work ahead but also a lot of thrills that come along with that too.

With that being said, I am going to live it up these next few weeks, errr days (I will be heading into school very soon to start setting up my classroom, after all) that I have left of warm weather, sleeping in, and lunch-dates downtown with my husband and friends.
  1. While I love love love my normal routine of yoga at Core Power or spinning at Flywheel, this month I am going to make it my mission to run outside that the weather will allow me to.  I always prefer running outside to inside on a treadmill so I am going to vow, right now to you, that I will do it everyday that it’s nice outside. No matter what.  And obviously I will be listening to one of my favorite running tunes (this one or this one) along the way.

  2. Head to North Avenue Beach and watch the Chicago Air and Water Show which is happening on August 17th and 18th.  Fun times!
  3. In June, I talked about the Movies in the Park series and then separately, going out for a night at the Wit Roof. But in August, I plan on combining the movie with the roof and heading to the Wit for their Movie Mondays on the RoofJurassic Park is playing on August 5th, Ocean’s Eleven on August 12th, and 21 Jump Street on August 19th!  Now I just have to decide which Monday I’m going to go :)
4.  Have you seen those new baby blue bikes  around the city lately?  They’re pretty sweet     and have recently popped up in 400 locations around Chicago. The bikes are known as Divvy and funded by the city, they are Chicago’s new bike sharing system.  There is a station right in my neighborhood and I plan on taking one out for a ride ASAP.


5.  I haven’t eaten my favorite yogurt and much as I would have liked to this summer. During the month of August, I plan to eat Pinkberry as much as I can =)

Disclosure: Usually I would add Lollapalooza to one of my must-dos which is taking place this weekend: August 2nd-4th.  Considering I already saw a ton of concerts this summer, I am taking this year off.  While I am definitely bummed, it will be nice to have a few extra days to myself before the school year starts.  That doesn’t mean I’m not jealous of all of you who are going!!

As you can tell, my must-dos this month are all focused solely on being outside!! 
Looking forward to soaking up the last days I have before going back to my full-time job. 

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