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A Great Music App + An Upbeat November Playlist!

November 26, 2013 in I Adore What I Love

I know I’ve sang the praises of Spotify in the previous music playlists that I’ve created here and here but lately, I’m all about SoundCloud!  If you haven’t heard, SoundCloud came on the music scene a few years ago in the form of their website and a music app, and personally, I think it’s awesome.

One of the best parts about it is that you can “like” songs and you can follow people, or artists, such as Pitbull, Madanna, and Britney Spears, per say, and whenever they upload new music onto their “page”, it shows up on your stream!  Some artists upload their own music while others make playlists featuring different artists.  For the most part, most mainstream artists have accounts and I’d equate your stream to a facebook wall with lots and lots of new music to listen to!

There are some annoying things about SoundCloud though, for instance, many artists will only upload 30 second clips of their new music. Ughhh.  Then, mixed in with the popular artists are DJs, people just starting out in the biz, and randos who tend to upload crap (for lack of a better word) and oh so many remixes.  Also, I love love love the clean look of Spotify and unfortunately, SoundCloud is sort of messy.  But with that, it’s FREE and unlike Spotify (where you can only listen to 10 hours of music per month), the free version doesn’t put any limits on how many hours you can listen to the music.  That’s a BIG plus in my book since I love to listen to music 24/7!

Anyways, I am still a big fan of Spotify and I won’t stop using it but after watching the American Music Awards on Sunday night, I was inspired to share with my I Adore What I Love readers a recent SoundCloud playlist that I created a few weeks back.  Oh, and guess what??  You can follow me too!!  So whenever I make a new playlist, you can see it automatically and listen while you run!  Once you start following me, you’ll get access to all the playlists that I’ve created in the past and the ones that I’ll make in the future, the artists that I follow, and music I upload (which let’s be honest, might never happen. The songs that I’ve used in the playlists I’ve made were simply music that I’ve searched for or come across from another artist on my stream)!  And if you follow me, you can listen to any playlist that I’ve created on your SoundCloud app while you’re working out, walking to work, or bored at home. But first, take a listen below to my Upbeat November Playlist!  It’s SO good!!

[soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”555″ iframe=”true” /]

**Another neg about SoundCloud: once you add songs to a playlist, there’s no way to edit the titles to make them more organized and neat.  Naturally, this bothers me since I’m type A but I guess it’s something I can live with… just don’t judge me for the interesting song icons and unorderly (is that a word?) song titles. Thanks.

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  • Cassie November 27, 2013 at 7:29 am

    Music plays a huge role in all of our lives! Couldn’t live without it!

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