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Catch-Up Time!

November 7, 2013 in I Adore What I Love

We’ll do this every couple weeks, well… because many times, I’ll talk about something within a post but a few days later I’m feeling totally different about it.  There’s really no good way to fit my new feelings into the next post I’m writing about because the topic has changed to something completely different.  Also, sometimes random things comes to mind & I’ll want to tell you about them!  So as to keep my I Adore What I Love readers up to date and in the know, I’ve deemed a catch-up session a must!  You down with that?  Hope so because here it goes:

  • So I’m fully attached to my first grade students.  They are seriously the sweetest kids I’ve ever met.  They make me laugh everyday and well, I just adore them.  I’m already starting to think about how I’m going to deal next year with a new group.  It will be difficult, that’s for sure.  These guys have stolen my hearts in a huge way already.
  • A few weekends ago we went to Cleveland for Isaiah’s cousin’s Bar Mitzvah.  It was a good time!  I played WhirlyBall for the first time… umm really fun but really dangerous!  I might have a few war bruises from the handle jamming into my thigh but no harm, no foul.  Totally worth it, don’t get me wrong, but oh, my, who knew what I was getting myself in.
  • You know I love my makeup and you know I love trying new makeup.  So ever since I wrote the post about my favorite mascara, Urban Decay’s Big Fatty, more than a few friends have tried to sell me on their favorite eye-openers. Benefit’s They’re Real and Smashbox’s Full Exposure topped the lists and I obviously had to try them both.  Lucky for me, during my birthday month I got a mini They’re Real as a birthday gift from Sephora. Welp, sorry to say but I was not impressed.  Then, I bought Full Exposure and while it was wayyy better than They’re Real, I’m still a tried and true fan of my Big Fatty.  Urban Decay is where it’s at and I still stand by everything I said in my original post about it.
  • Ughh recently I woke up with a cut on the side of my mouth (in the crease where my top and bottom lips meet), anyways it’s no fun.  But I will say, the only thing that truly helped it was my favorite Mint Eos Lip Balm.  It’s like a miracle worker for my lips.  By reapplying it nonstop throughout the day, the next day the cut was literally gone.  Just another product that I continue to be impressed by :)
  • So how about my new blog redesign?  I’m still in awe of it. #justsaying  (In case you missed all the new, cool features that it has to offer, see this post)
  • Fall is my absolute favorite season.  I think I’ve mentioned that before, no?  Isaiah and I ended up going apple picking at the beginning of October with some friends and it was the highlight of my year.  Seriously, though!  We went to All Seasons Orchard and picked lots of red delicious, golden delicious, gala, and more.  We also shot apples and pumpkins through a cannon and it was kinda awesome.  Oh, and the apple donuts – don’t even get me started.  If you haven’t gone apple picking already this season, you must before it’s too late. For info on other orchards near Chicago, click here
  • For those of you who live in Illinois, have you heard the sad news? Dominick’s is closing!! It’s not even that I love buying my groceries there but this is the logic of why I’m sad:  every Dominick’s has a Starbucks inside of it.  The grocery store is located a minute away from where I work and every morning, that’s where I grab my daily Sbux.  What am I going to do when it goes out out of business? Booo.
  • You know how I told you that Halloween was never one of my favorite holidays?  I hope you didn’t judge me for it.  It’s just that I stress over it and then I dread it.  Although it’s SO fun to celebrate at school, I always feel way too pressured to do something fun over the Halloween weekend with friends, even though I could really care less.  This year, we did nothing and I was perfectly content :)
  • Are you watching the X Factor? I love me some Simon Cowell!


  • Jill November 7, 2013 at 8:39 am

    Another great one! Love the make-up tips! Let’s discuss X factor!!! Lucky to have such great little 1st graders!

  • Dana Ivy November 7, 2013 at 3:53 pm

    Well thanks! Glad you enjoyed my post and I obviously agree with all your comments!

    Dana Ivy :)

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