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January 2014 Must-Dos!

January 6, 2014 in I Adore What I Love

So far, January 2014 has been quite the interesting month already!  Today was supposed to be my first day back at work after two weeks off for Winter Break and what I like to call a “holiday reboot” but I was off because of the RIDICULOUS -14 degrees Fahrenheit weather that is outside my window as we speak!!  On top of that, I’ve already been informed that there is no school again tomorrow because of the potential extreme dangerous temps and fast winds.  One word: INSANITY!!!

I typically would be itching to go back to work at this point BUT we’ve been dog-sitting for our favorite dog-niece… (totally just made up that term) aka our good friends’ dog that we love to pieces!!  She was supposed to go back home last night but with all the flight delays, her parents can’t get back to Chicago until Wednesday!  You better believe I am not going outside in this weather so it’s been nice to have someone keeping me entertained all day in the apartment!

Even with the crazy temperatures, I have no doubts that this month is going to be great.

Take a look at my:

January Must-Dos 2014 - via


1. Laugh your ass of at Zanies Comedy Club! It doesn’t even matter who’s headlining because it’s sure to make for a completely entertaining evening of funniness all around!  (*Note: A few years ago, I literally went here FIVE times in one month and loved each night and comedian more than the next!!  Been itching to get back because it’s something fun and different to do in the winter!)

2. Go to a Chicago Bulls game!!!!!!! Or whatever indoor sporting event you fancy!  I actually already checked this off my list because I just attended the Bulls game on Saturday night with my husband, parents, and brother and sister-in-law.  (Take a look at this instagram pic of Isaiah and I) I hadn’t been to a Bulls game since I was about 5-years-old and let me tell you that saying it was fun is an understatement!! Not only was it SO entertaining, but it was also incredibly interactive during time-outs and half-time. I just loved every second of it!  My mom said she felt like she was at a concert and I don’t disagree.

3. Head to The Nosh’s indoor food market every Sunday this month in Logan Square. They headline different entrepreneurs within the Chicago food scene to serve up prepared foods for all to enjoy.  Take your friend, boyfriend, fiance, or husband and enjoy noshing!

4. Speaking of food, Chicago’s Restaurant Week kicks off Thursday, January 23rd at 5:30pm at Union Station with the official First Bites Bash. Hosted by Executive Chef Paul Kahan, of Blackbird, it’s sure to be an evening to remember.  Not only does it make for a fabulous night out with great food and even better company, but you can eat knowing that a portion of the proceeds will benefit two local charities, Gilda’s Club Chicago and Pilot Light.

5. Sign up for the GIVEAWAY that’s currently open on my blog (until Thursday, 1/9) and win Melissa Lanz’s latest cookbook entitled “The Fresh 20: 20-Ingredient Meal Plans for Health and Happiness 5 Nights a Week“!  Then, take a day to stay home, read the whole thing, and start preparing your (easy homemade) weekly meals. Your family will thank you!

As always, have fun this month tackling each of these must-dos!  And if you missed last month’s list, click here for more ideas to help you get through the winter chill! :)


  • Cassie January 7, 2014 at 7:04 am

    Sounds like your 2014 will be off to a good start! :) I like how you identify a few things to do each month. Ensures some fun times but it is not a huge overwhelming list.

    • Dana Ivy January 7, 2014 at 9:48 am

      Thanks Cassie! I love sharing these lists because it’s basically a personal guide for myself to make sure that I live every month to the fullest! If others can benefit than I’m all for that :)

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