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Restaurant Review: Mexique

February 16, 2014 in I Adore What I Love

More people know about it now than ever, but in my opinion, Mexique is a hidden gem. 
Read my review to find out why!

Restaurant Review: Mexique - via

When I went? Oh so many times I can’t even count!  BUT, most recently for this year’s restaurant week and then a few weeks before that for my hubby’s first time :)

Favorite part? The standout is definitely the food!  The menu is a fusion of French and Mexican cuisine perfectly combined to create an exceptional dining experience. Chef Carlos Gaytan, the owner and executive chef, is incredibly creative in each dish that he’s produced.  While Mexique is definitely for the foodie – most notably because it’s received its first Michelin star this past year – it’s not stuffy at all.  The staff is friendly and accommodating and I know this because this last time we went, they were about to sit us at the same seat we were at the time before, and although there was nothing wrong with that table at all, we wanted to switch it up and sit closer to the kitchen.  While we had to wait a little longer to take our seats, the woman at the hostess stand was totally understanding and had no qualms about fulfilling our request!  In addition, the restaurant is small and quaint but at the same time, yields an upbeat comfort within it’s walls.  To put it simply, it’s cozy… and I like it.

To delve deeper into a discussion about the food, the presentation of each appetizer, entree, and dessert is like no other that I’ve ever seen in my life.  When the dishes first arrive at the table, you almost don’t want to eat any of it because they’re all so pretty.  Literally each dish is an artful masterpiece in it of itself!  But when you do take that first bite, it’s like OMG!!  In looking back at all the times I’ve been there and all the amazing entree’s we’ve eaten, I’ve decided that everything I’ve tried has a hint of sweetness to it that I absolutely adore!  It’s hard to explain but there’s definitely this underlying flavor throughout each dish.

Something that I also want to touch on is their soups!  Chef Carlos, who also happened to be one of the top 5 contestants on season 11 (which literally JUST ended) of Bravo’s Top Chef, prepares a featured soup that will blow.your.mind.  I am NOT a soup girl by any means and typically never order it at a restaurant but at Mexique, I make an exception.  No matter what the soup is that’s being offered that night, it’s sure to make you go whoa.

Least Favorite Part: Let’s just say that I am racking my brain for things to share with you under this section of my review.  That’s because Mexique is that good!  With that, I only have two qualms about the resto which I will admit are hardly negative. First, the tables are pretty close together which didn’t bother Isaiah nor I but I could see how some may have a problem with that. (We have actually had lovely convos with the people sitting next to us and once, the couple was so kind that they asked if I wanted to take pics of their food for my blog… obviously I took them up on that!) Second, when you leave the restaurant, you also leave with the smell.  And it’s a very potent, extreme, oily aroma that lingers with you until you take a shower and wash your clothes.  But please, don’t let that deter you from dining there!

Overall, Would I Go Back? Obviously!  And I’m sure that comes as no surprise to you if you’ve read everything I’ve already positively mentioned above.  Something that I also enjoy while I’m there is that if the chef is at the restaurant the night (or day: they also serve a really delish lunch) that you’re dining there, he will come up to each table and chat with you for a bit. This, of course, only adds to the personal and comforting vibe that Mexique already portrays.  Although it’s a little off the beaten path as far as location in the city goes (meaning: it’s not in the heart of downtown and if you want to go out afterwards, you will most definitely have to hop into a cab or get picked up by an uber (sign up here and get a free $20 that will go straight into your account) to do so), it’s 100% worth the ride.

Restaurant Review: Mexique - via

Mexique is located in Noble Square at 1529 W. Chicago Ave.
(On Chicago Ave between Ashland Ave & Armour St)

Please let me know: Will you be making a resy soon if you haven’t been already?  If you have been, what did you think?


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