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Warm Vacay Essentials

Yesterday was the first day of spring and today is the first full day of my Spring Break.  The sun is shining, I took my precious niece Sloane out for her first (lot of firsts here, bare with me) outside walk around the neighborhood and soon, I will have to start packing for my first vacay longer than 3 days in over a year!  Needless to say, I am excited!

I’ll actually be gone for 5 days and Arizona is where I’ll be.  With that, I thought I would make a little spread of all the warm weather essentials that I plan on bringing with me!  Really, writing this post is just a good reminder to myself of the things I need to pack and all the necessities that I’ll need to pick up for the trip before I leave.  Hoping it might help you too if you’re about to flee town for your spring break like I am… (which hopefully is exactly what you’ll be doing)

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Details Below: (Clockwise from Top Left)

Sandals: I absolutely adore this neutral pair, as they will go perfectly with every outfit choice and they fit the bill for best dressed feet on any vacation outing.

Sunglasses: Ummm, you probably know by now that I love my green flash aviators.  These are a (much) less expensive version with a surprising fashion-forward twist: the lens is rimmed with a tortoiseshell-patterned plastic frame.

Scalloped Shorts: I already own a silky black pair from years back and I’m still rocking them all the time (when it’s warm, that is).  Recently though, scalloped shorts have become all the range (clearly, I was early on the trend) and it’s time for me to grab another pair… asap!

Nail Polish: Essie’s spring 2014 collection is something to write home about, especially this bright orangey-pinky-red color! It’s called “Style Hunter” and I picture myself wearing it sitting pool side while basking in the sun.

Cover-Up: Okay, can someone tell me why everyone likes cover-ups with long sleeves?? I mean, I kinda get it but I’m way more of a sleeveless cover-up type of gal… I can still look cute if I decide to put it on during the day without worrying about weird tan lines. This one is a keeper.

Apple iPad Mini: Simply download the Kindle app and you’re all set to go.  In my case, that usually consists of a mindless read like Chelsea Handler’s latest and greatest or all of Lauren Conrad’s fiction texts. Or, if you’re more of a magazine girl (or guy), download the Zinio app and prepare to be amazed!

Summer Bag: Five words:  The pop of coral is just too good to pass up.

Head-Wrap:  While a big floppy hat is always fun to rock, I am totally going the head-wrap route on this vacay.  Anyone who is anyone has been talking ’bout them and I can’t wait to test out this trend before summer actually arrives.  Not sure everyone can pull this off but that isn’t going to stop me from trying.

Water Proof Lip Gloss: Need I say more!! READ: It’s water proof and it’s a lip gloss and there are TONS of colors to choose from! My fave: Baby Pink.

Sunscreen: Anything Aveeno I support.  SPF 30 is usually wayyy higher than I would ever go (I have olive skin to start) but now that I’m almost 30 (eeeks), my skin is more important for me to take care of then ever before.

Bathing Suit: I saw this one last season and I still adore it.  I’m a one-piece type of girl but it would seriously look fab on anyone no matter what the body type! 

Cardigan:  While AZ is supposed to be in the 80s everyday next week, nights are a different story.  A sassy cardy is the quintessential “jacket” if you ask me… and this one is love at first sight!

Are you going on vacation to a warm climate any time soon?
If so, which essentials will you be bringing along?


  • Jill March 22, 2014 at 5:54 am

    So many cute things…Love your taste !!!!

  • Cassie March 22, 2014 at 7:38 am

    Have fun in Arizona! Never been, but it is on the bucket list! Enjoy your well deserved spring break :)

    • Dana Ivy March 23, 2014 at 9:13 am

      Thanks Cassie!! You guys needs to go once the babe is born… You’ll love!

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