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Rainy Days Are Here (My April Must-Dos)

April 6, 2014 in I Adore What I Love

So far, there has been 5 days in April and four out of those five, it’s rained. Are you surprised?  Because I most definitely am not.  Anyways, I’m sure the raindrops will only come down harder and for longer periods of time throughout the duration of this month but just like the freezing temps didn’t stop me from living my life and going out in January, February, and ummm, March too, the rain is definitely not going to stop me from living my life now.  I might turn to my go-to rain gear and favorite rain boots to get me in the mood to leave the house, but whatever works, right?!

In all honestly though, I am NOT complaining!! It’s about time for spring to SPRING and if that means April is going to be a little wet here and there, that is A-okay with me. Bring on the green grass and lively plants, baby :)

April Must-Dos - via

So what’s on the agenda for this month?  I’m glad you asked… take a look below at my:


1. Spring cleaning!  Isaiah and I are moving mid-May so now’s the time to get rid of our unwanted stuff.  I say this knowing I’m a procrastinator but it really does make perfect sense to do the dirty work now, prior to the stress of packing up an entire apartment (ugh)!  It’s never easy but it’s going to have to be done sooner or later.  (And even if you aren’t moving like we are, it never hurts to set aside a weekend solely dedicated to getting your spring cleaning on!)

2. Check out the new Rockit Ranch resto called Bottlefork Bar and Kitchen. I hear it’s a cozy new spot that appeals to me in this transitioning season of cold to hot.  Oh, and after browsing their website, the food looks to be the star of the show. Count me in!

3. I already have one of the upcoming rainy nights planned out for my husband and I (although he doesn’t know it yet)…. it’s going to consist of cozy pajamas, a homemade dinner, and a stay-up-all-night TV show marathon.  Here’s what’s on my list to watch: House of Cards, Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones. Which should we tackle first??  Let me know in the comments section of this post!

4. Shop ’till I drop! (Most likely on Michigan Avenue, of course).   New gear for the summer is needed.  Duh ;)

5. Head to a baseball game!  The season just started and everyone is excited, including me!  Goooooo White Sox!!  If you’re an avid reader of the blog, you know that’s the only team I’ll go and see, however, I’ll try not to judge you for being a fan of any others.  (Unless of course you root for a certain Chicago team that wears the colors red, white and blue and that starts with the letter C and ends with an S!  Just being honest… can’t fault me for that!)

Oooolala!  Right before my eyes April is shaping up to be a fun month!
What do you plan on doing??  I would love to hear in the comments section of this post!

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