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I Adore What I DID // January 2016

January 29, 2016 in I Adore Mom Life, I Adore What I Love

I Adore What I Love - I Adore What I Did :: January 2016 - Title Pic

You have no idea how amazing it has been for me to be back in all my blogging glory during this past month! Throughout my little blog hiatus, I really felt like a piece of me was missing, and while my life has become more enriched and more amazing than ever since gaining the best thing that’s ever happened to me (yep, I’m talking about the Brodster), there was still this part of me that felt absent. BLOGGING.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that it’s good to be back!!!

And I get really really really REALLY happy when I see you guys “liking” my posts, commenting on them, sharing on facebook, pinning them, retweeting, reposting, etc. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! I hope you keep it up!! 

With that, since I’ve started writing these posts again, I’ve also realized that sometimes blogging doesn’t allow me to share the random fun things going on in my life.  I ramble about the latest fashion staple, a new recipe I came up with, the really special things going on in my life {I’m talking trips, memorable events, etc} and so much more… but then the month passes by and I never shared with you the everyday things that I did and got excited about!  

So, I thought I would start a new series aptly named I Adore What I DID. This series will allow me to catch up with you guys on a more personal level! Woohoo!!

Welcome to the first installment of this new series :) 

1. Sooo, January started off with a bang! After a great NYE out with friends, we celebrated Brody’s good friend, Jeffrey’s, first birthday at Gymboree.  It was a party to remember! Jeffrey’s mom is a good friend of mine too and she outdid herself with the details. Big shout-out to you, Maayan, for putting on SUCH a memorable first birthday for your babe! We had a blast!

I Adore What I Love - I Adore What I Did :: January 2016 - Brody at Jeffreys Party
{he could have looked at himself in this mirror for an hour // we had to pull him away!}


2. The weekend after Jeffrey’s bday party was the Brodster’s first birthday party!!!! You guys, it was seriously the most perfect party ever and I promise I will write a post all about it! Brody had the most amazing time and it was the first event like this that I had ever planned. It was something that I worked on for months prior but it was worth every second of my time and I loved doing it! My in-laws and Isaiah’s grandparents who live out of town, came to Chicago for the weekend and the whole weekend surrounded around the big one-year-old BIRTHDAY BOY!

I Adore What I Love - I Adore What I Did :: January 2016 - Smash Cake Brody at Bday
{what a munchkin}

3. The weekend after that was easily one of the most fun-filled weekends of my life as well! One of my best friends in the world from college, who just recently moved to Colorado Springs from Aspen, came in town for a wedding with her husband, Scott, and their baby boy, Bricker. Brody and Bricker are one month apart and have never previously met in person but we FaceTime ALL the time with them and you guys, Brody and I met them at the Shedd Aquarium and I kid you not, these boys instantly felt comfortable with each other and totally knew who one another was! Ah, it was sooo.freaking.sweet.

I Adore What I Love - I Adore What I Did :: January 2016 - Brody and Bricker at the Aquarium
{obsessed with these fishy boys!}

4. That same weekend, another one of my college besties came in town from Denver, and we went bridesmaid dress shopping for her big wedding day!! She’s getting married in Martha’s Vineyard during Labor Day weekend in September and I am SO honored and excited to be apart of the wedding party. We had a blast shopping with some of the other bridesmaids too, and we found THEE dresses! Obviously I can’t talk about them until the big day but let’s just say that they are the coolest bridesmaid dresses EVER and will compliment the bride’s wedding dress perfectly.

5. Then, that Saturday night we had a girls dinner at Fig & Olive {OMG it was absolutely deeeeelish – if there’s one near you, you must go ASAP} and it was just really nice to get together. These days, our lives are all super busy so when we get a chance to get to do anything with each other, there really is nothing better! Some conversations at the dinner table revolved around the documentary “Making a Murderer{have you seen it??}, our cute waiter, and Kelly’s upcoming wedding! 

5. Brody and I did a bunch of lunching out on the weekdays this month! I love lunching because not only does it break up the day, but it’s always a pleasure to socialize and catch up with my mom friends. {Andddd I don’t have to clean up B’s food mess because we aren’t at home… it’s the little things!} However, all the sudden Brody is a toddler {like, for realzzzz} and during one of our lunches he was able to undo the highchair belt, stand up, and then he started throwing his food on the ground! OMG maybe it was an off day {because, I swear, usually he’s an angel baby while eating anywhere} but I’m not going to lie, I was kind of mortified at this new toddler behavior! Scarrrrryy. 

I Adore What I Love - I Adore What I Did :: January 2016 - Brody Squared eating lunch in Whole Foods
{brody and his friend and birthday-name twin, brody // also known as brody squared // such goofballs for the camera!!}


6. One of the major highlights this month was going to the school I work at and having lunch with all the teachers!! Thankfully, Brody was such a good boy on this day and we actually ate in one of the first grade rooms so Brods could sit in a kiddie chair. He stayed in the chair the whole time and had so much fun with everyone! One of the teachers brought cookies and he wanted them ALL. Who knew I have a cookie monster on my hands!?!

7. We also ate out for a few lunches with friends on the weekends, which included the hubs, too! We went to this great new resto in Old Town, called The Vig, with our friends Abby and Ross. Umm if you ever go there, get the brussel sprouts salad!! It was OH SO GOOD! You won’t be disappointed!! We also went to Tavern on Rush {we love their brunch} with some friends and a random woman ran after us as we were packing up to leave; she said that she’d been staring at Brody the whole time she’d been there and then proceeded to ask Isaiah if she could hold him.  Isaiah handed him over to her {I mean, guys?!} and she gave Brody a huge kiss on the cheek. I AM NOT KIDDING. She meant well, looked totally normal, was really sweet and said the kindest words about him but UMMMM, this was a first when it comes to a stranger experience. {Is it weird that I thought that was weird??}

8. Another favorite from this month was that Brody takes a swimming class with one of his besties, Asher, and because they both turned the big ONE in December {Asher is two weeks older than Brods} they got to move up a swim level! Now, we loved our instructor in the last group and miss him, but the older group that the boys are in now is pretty awesome since the they get to do cool things, like go in a banana boat or go down a slide! Let me just tell you, it is the cutest thing ever and I WISH I could take pictures but I’m in the water with him! 

I Adore What I Love - I Adore What I Did :: January 2016 - Brody and Asher at Goldfish
{b and asher in their swim trunks // could you die?!?!}

9. And last but not least, we ate dinner one night at Jeffrey and Maayan’s house {they’re our neighbors} and when these boys get together it is comical! They are both so chill, so funny, so smiley… but wild at the same time! They are 2 days apart and while Jeffrey is RUNNING, Brody can definitely keep up with him just with his fast crawl. We always have a blast hanging together but dinner together?? Now that was a treat! 

I Adore What I Love - I Adore What I Did :: January 2016 - Brody Eating Dinner at Jeffreys
{they were eating the same thing but b wanted to eat off jeffrey’s plate // because obviously!!}


Over all, it was the such a busy, yet ridiculously fun month {that I’m also realizing seriously revolved around food LOL} AND a great start to 2016! Oh! And by the way, the Brody man is 13 months TODAY. Seriously, you guys, I can’t even. He is a real person now!! Like, whaaaaaat?!?! While I’m no longer going to take or post the monthly staged photos as I did for the first 12 months of his life {because, uhhhh, it’s next to IMPOSSIBLE to take any pictures of this fast moving dude}, I’ll still acknowledge his monthly bday on instagram {so follow me!!} 

Tell me in the comments {or on social media, using the hashtag #iadorewhatiDID} what fun things you did this past month!!
{Seriously, don’t be shy! I want to hear from you!!}


  • Jeri January 29, 2016 at 8:16 pm

    Love love love this new segment!! Reminds me of “Life Lately” :) You and Brody sure are busy, what a lucky boy!

    • Dana Ivy January 29, 2016 at 9:01 pm

      Yay, Jer!! Thank you!! SO glad to hear that you love it!! We had such a fun month – can’t deny that!! Xox

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