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Weekly Wins // #2

February 12, 2016 in I Adore Mom Life, I Adore What I Love

What a week! It started off great, celebrating the hubs bday and all, but then took a turn in the opposite direction a few days later… Brody has been sick for the past few days and I feel so bad for the little man! 

He’s actually been sick more than a couple times in his short lifetime {starting from when he was in daycare for a few months} but never have I seen him so sick as he was this time! He’s coughing nonstop, his nose has been consistently running and he is sneezing around the clock. Not fun! Because of all these reasons, he hasn’t been sleeping well during the day or at night which makes him incredibly irritable when he’s up :( On top of this, he threw up a few times, hasn’t been eating or drinking very much, and is getting a stupid tooth! I took him to the doc and she said the cold and cough just need to run their course. Easy for her to say. Blahhhh

I Adore What I Love Blog // Weekly Wins #2 // Title Pic // #iadorewhatilove

Last night, however, he slept a full night and woke up happy this morning. I think this means that he’s on his way to recovery! HALALLUYAH! 

Despite the abnormal week with a very sick baby, there were still a bunch of wins that I obviously can’t wait to talk about… 

While I’m going a little stir-crazy now,  I do love being in my pajamas all day! When you’re stuck inside for a few days and your babe is feeling under the weather, that’s what you do – hang in your jammies {both of our pj’s are no longer available but i adore this pair and click here to see a similar set to Brody’s}. It’s kinda nice to do that every once in a while, amIright?!!

I Adore What I Love Blog // Weekly Wins #2 // Me and Brody in our Pajamas // #iadorwhatilove
{selfie with my little red-cheeks sicky boy}

A bed buddy! I was in the ‘burbs this week and my mom always has a bed buddy around the house, especially in the winter. I forgot how amazing they are, especially when you can’t seem to warm yourself up! It’s also great for when you have a back ache or neck pain. What’s a bed buddy, you ask? Check it out here :)

Buy your groceries with Instacart!!!!! Not being able to leave the house means not being able to go grocery shopping. I wrote a whole post a long time ago on why I am SO obsessed with this uh-mAzing service and it still holds true today. It’s literally allowed us to eat this week! And when I was pregnant, omg don’t even get me started! I couldn’t look at food so it was INSTACART TO THE RESCUE! Click here for free delivery and $10 off on your first order!! 

I Adore What I Love Blog // Weekly Wins #2 // Instacart Bags // #iadorwhatilove
{i spy sonny, the giraffe, in the background}

Mine and Brody’s new favorite breakfast is an egg frittata! You guys, it’s pretty much the easiest thing to make, aside from being oh so delicious! 8 eggs + all the veggies + meat + cheese  + 25 to 30 minutes in a preheated oven at 350 degrees is all it takes to make this “fancy-ish”  meal. I cut it into pie slices, wrap each slice in cling wrap, then freeze them inside a ziplock freezer bag. Breakfast {or breakfast for dinner} is served!  

I Adore What I Love Blog // Weekly Wins #2 // Eat: Egg Frittata
{this week’s frittata included chopped mushrooms, kale, and grated parmesan cheese // we decided to forgo the meat}

As you all already know, Isaiah’s birthday was on Sunday! He doesn’t really ever shop for himself and he never just goes out and buys himself something just because. I knew that he really wanted a new iPad so for his 32nd {!!!!!!!} bday, I got him an iPad Mini 4. He was so excited and loves with how fast it is, the dual front and back camera, and the retina display. I got him the 64 GB because we currently have the 16 GB {that we plan on selling now} and that amount of data just wasn’t cutting it for us with all the millions of pics that we take of the Brodster! Also, those apps take up lots of space too ;)

The Skimm. Going to be completely real with you… I never in my life read the newspaper or watched the news. I would find out about current events from friends or family, or let’s be honest here, twitter, but I never really had a desire to seek out the news on my own. It depressed me. It might be a naive way to be, but it’s the truth. A few years ago, my good friend Allison told me about The Skimm and I am proud to say that I actually LOOK FORWARD to hearing about the news on a daily basis now! If you haven’t heard of it before, The Skimm is a daily informational newsletter breaking down all the latest world news sent directly to your email. And most of the time, as I read it I’m also laughing out loud. The writers are CRAZY FUNNY! I’ve literally read it every weekday for the past 3 years consecutively. Sign up now… you’ll thank me later.

I’ve been a big fan of the Facebook Moments app for a few months now. Whenever we go to a fun-filled event where there were lots of great pics taken, I make all my friends download it! Basically, it’s a photo sharing app {that does NOT take up data on your phone, unlike Photo Stream – BIG PLUS} and you can create different photo groups that all your friends can contribute to. It’s nice because the app will intuitively pick up the names of the people in your photos {because chances are you’re Facebook friends with them} and ask if you want to include those people in the group. You can organize your event group into date, and/or who’s in the pics. And the best part: you can literally send 100’s of photos to a group and they will typically sync in less than a minute! Amazing! 

The Bachelor!! Swoon for Ben Higgins {insert heart eyes emoji here} This is going to sound ridiculous but I am totally apart of Bachelor Nation. I literally have never missed an episode of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette of any season. I’m not sure if I should be proud of this or not but I own it and love it and know a lot of people who are in my same boat. Soooo it is what it is! Ha! Back to this week’s episode: all I will say is that THANK GOODNESS Olivia is gone! She’s ridiculous and I was never a fan. I do have a bone to pick with ABC though: why is Bachelor Live no longer on? I really looked forward to it after each Bach episode and felt a serious void this week without being able to watch it. In other news: did you see the previews for the coming episodes?? OMG OMG OMG. I’ll leave it at that.

I Adore What I Love Blog // Weekly Wins #2 // Ben and Olivia on the Bachelor // #iadorwhatilove
{oh ABC, you never cease to amaze me}

The cosiest, softest, raglan baseball tee in the whole entire world. Well, it’s more of a lazy-day, comfy-casual thin sweater {read: it’s definitely thicker than your average tee} and it’s my new go-to attire for the weekend, or any day really. I’m obsessed!! Obviously! Because it’s adorable and amazing. You will be too. Click here to get it! {ps sorry for the weird lighting in this pic, I took it at night, oops!!} 

I Adore What I Love Blog // Softest Raglan Tee // Instacart Bags // #iadorwhatilove

A few things: 
1} Don’t forget to use your 20% off coupon code – IADORE – at FarmFreshDenim!
2} In case you haven’t gotten your valentine anything yet, check out my past gift guides here {for the boys}, here {for the girls}, and here {for both}

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Happy happy Valentine’s Day weekend!!! How are you celebrating?? Let me know in the comments section now! 

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