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I Adore What I Did // Part 2 March 2018

Hey hey! I’m back sharing with you what we did in March! In case you missed it, you can read Part 1 HERE – and you definitely should because it’s GOOD. March was so busy and SO fun that I thought it would be better to split up my month into 3 posts… when you get a chance, let me know your thoughts on that! Also, I think I’m ditching making the first photo in every post a “title picture” – don’t worry, not much will change in that respect for my readers but I’m sharing because I love you guys and want to keep you in the know. To be honest, those photos always take longer to make than I hope for them too and since I’m a perfectionist, I’m spending way too much time creating them!! Originally, I started creating them for Pinterest but you can always pin ANY photo in my posts, so in case you didn’t know, now you know! Woohoo. Ok, let’s continue talking about MARCH!I Adore What I Did March 2018 // I Adore What I Love Blog // #iadorewhatilove

You know those BYOB painting studios where you get to create your own art piece? Well, one of them opened in Highland Park, where I live, and I went with a bunch of moms who have kids at the school my son attends. It was A BLAST. The studio that opened near me is called Bottles & Bottega and they actually have many studios all over the country. It’s such a perfect place to go with a bunch of girls, drink some wine and enjoy a fun night out. It’s also a great place to go have date night or a double date night, which I’ve done before too when we lived in the city! 

Did I mention that each studio has it’s own calendar where they show you what art piece they’re teaching lessons on for that night? {click HERE for the HP art schedule} BUT guess what? You don’t haveeeee to paint that specific picture if you don’t want to. I, for one, am clearly a rebel and decided against it hahaha!!! {see above!} Either way, it’s a blast and a fun place to plan a fun night out at!

I Adore What I Did March 2018 // I Adore What I Love Blog // #iadorewhatilove

My friend Dina is an amazing certified personal trainer and while I frequented my new favorite workout studio, WheelPower, a ton in March {see more about that HERE and find a promo code for a FREE class, too!} I decided to switch it up and have Dina give me a personal training session as well. YOU GUYS. It was beyond amazing and I literally used muscles that I didn’t even know I had!! Dina is a mom herself and will come to you, at your convenience {think: while your kids are napping, etc.} Zero gym equipment is required and she will bring everything that she wants to use with her, like the ankle weights she made me wear THE ENTIRE TIME {and I was super proud of myself afterwards for doing so}! She is extremely easy to talk to and really wonderful to work with. I honestly loved my session. If you are interested in using her services yourself please contact her at Dina847@gmail.comMention you found her from me and receive $5 off your first session!!! Woohoo, thanks Dina!

I Adore What I Did March 2018 // I Adore What I Love Blog // #iadorewhatilove

We celebrated my niece’s 4th birthday at Kids Science Labs in Northbrook {but they have other locations too} and it was seriously adorable. I kind of want to have Brody’s party there next year!! They did a ton of cool hands-on science experiments and all the kids {read: BOYS AND GIRLS!} were incredibly into it! They offer yearly classes and summer camps too. You can even sign up for a free trial class. I need to get on that! 

I Adore What I Did March 2018 // I Adore What I Love Blog // #iadorewhatilove

These baked egg squares have been a real hit in my household. I shared the {incredibly easy!!!} recipe on my Instagram HERE. Have you made them yet?

I Adore What I Did March 2018 // I Adore What I Love Blog // #iadorewhatilove

We decided to make the trip to Schaumburg, IL. {which really isn’t THAT far from where we live in the Chicago burbs} one Saturday morning and we went to Legoland Discovery Center!!!!! It was seriously EV-ER-EEEE-THINGGG. Brody had the best time ever {legos are his favorite at the moment and actually have been for awhile!} and it was even fun for Isaiah, Levi and I to see as well! The entire bottom floor is a huge exhibit upon exhibit of Chicago in LEGOs!!  They literally created all the best parts of Chicago in Legos. It’s pretty cool and hard to believe all the time and work that went into putting all the models together. Navy Pier, Soldier Field, Millennium Park, etc, were all there! They also had a rainforest lego room and other interesting rooms as well. Then, we went upstairs and it was a big play area for the kids. We honestly could have been there all day with how much fun Brody was having! My advice if possible: try to go on a weekday instead of a weekend so it’s not as crowded. There are also rides for the kids but we didn’t have time for that! Next time!! 

I Adore What I Did March 2018 // I Adore What I Love Blog // #iadorewhatilove

Cream Bar was right next to LegoLand. Need I say more!! 
{if you don’t know about Cream Bar yet, click HERE}

I Adore What I Did March 2018 // I Adore What I Love Blog // #iadorewhatilove

Took an afternoon to myself to brunch with my favorite blogging girlfriends downtown. We went to Somerset and had the most delicious meal, not to mention the best time together! I mean, how could you not when sitting in such a beautiful restaurant?! Although, Isaiah and I went there for dinner when it first opened and I’m still dreaming about their beet salad. I was kinda hoping it would be on the brunch menu but it wasn’t!! WTF?! hahaha guess we have to go back for dinner ASAP!!!!!

I Adore What I Did March 2018 // I Adore What I Love Blog // #iadorewhatilove

After brunch, I went to see my new favorite itty bitty baby. AKA Levi or Brody’s newest girlfriend, Maya. Her parents are actually responsible for introducing Isaiah and I and they are two of our best friends! I LOVED meeting her. As you all know, I’m addicted to babies and this girlie is just precious. When I got to their house, she was wide awake and then I started holding her and she actually fell asleep in my arms for probably over an hour and I loved every single second. Want to see what we got for her?? THIS OUTFIT {that I just saw is currently now on sale with the Saks friends and fam event! But they also only have size 6-12 month left. I’m also obsessed with THESE donut-print pants that you can buy in all sizes and can also get on sale!} I LOVE this onesie and can’t wait to see Miss Maya in it!!!

I Adore What I Did March 2018 // I Adore What I Love Blog // #iadorewhatilove

Did I mention Brody stopped napping in March?! Gahhhh!!! Cue all the mom tears in honor of my personal well-being!! We had a great over 3-year run but I am still in mourning, not going to lie. So now Brody has quiet time which consists of watching TV {he actually fell asleep on the floor in the photo above hahaha}. What do your kids do during quiet time?!?! Tell me in the comments of this post!!! 

I Adore What I Did March 2018 // I Adore What I Love Blog // #iadorewhatilove

Last but not least from Part 2 of this series, is this perfect ruffle-sleeve sweatshirt from Target THAT JUST GOT REDUCED TO $13 AND IS STILL AVAILABLE IN ALL SIZES!!!!!! I was shopping and instastoried about it because it’s exactly like my baby-blue ruffle sleeve sweatshirt that I get a million compliments on. I didn’t buy this when I was in the store only because I have one just like it but now that it’s $13 I think I haveeeeee to, right?! It’s seriously so perfect and this color is everything too. Plus, it’s lightweight enough for spring {if spring ever comes our way… praying!!!!}

Will be posting PART 3 of this series sooner rather than later {shooting for tomorrow!} so be on the lookout! 

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Tell me in the comments about one fun event you attended in March!

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