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I Adore What I Did // Part 3 March 2018

Hi friends! Happy Friday! Excited to be here sharing with you part 3 – the last and final post – about what we did in MARCH!! It’s also very “What We Wore” heavy so that’s exciting! And just in case you want to refer back or missed reading my previous ‘I Adore What I Did” posts from March, click HERE for part 1 and HERE for part 2. Now let’s get this party started!!! 
I Adore What I Did March 2018 // I Adore What I Love Blog // #iadorewhatilove

Brody’s preschool put on a very nice Passover seder which we attended with my grandparents! My parents were out of town so unfortunately, they couldn’t join us but Brods was super excited to have his Pops and GG there!! PS how cute are they?!?! –> Shop {the short-sleeve version of} Brody’s camo button-down HERE + a long-sleeve blue camo button-down that I loveeee HERE.

I Adore What I Did March 2018 // I Adore What I Love Blog // #iadorewhatilove

This. Boy. Is. CRAY!!!!!!! {notice that not only are his shoes off but also one sock is gone!!!!!!} Brody never did this but anytime Levi has to sit in a grocery cart, he becomes a wild child and decides he is going to do literally anything BUT sit!! Even if the kid is strapped into the buckle as tight as possible, he still figures out a way to finagle himself out of it. If you have any suggestions on how to deal with this scenario, PLEASE send them my way!!! TIA!! –> Shop a similar Northface fleece that Levi is wearing HERE, Levi’s sweatshirt HERE + the matching pants HERE {not the ones he’s wearing in the pic, those are super old} and a similar black beanie HERE

I Adore What I Did March 2018 // I Adore What I Love Blog // #iadorewhatilove

Had the BEST parents night out with one of our favorite couples ever, my bestie Maayan and her husband Phil. We went to Libertad in Skokie and let me just tell you, it was so.freaking.goooooood. It’s delicious Latin food unlike non other and because of that, we felt compelled to basically order the entire menu!!! WHOAMYGDDDDD, I was so full that I hardly ate anything the next two days following this meal. I’m actually serious when I say that too. Obviously I took pics of everything we ordered and then counted down from my least fav dish to my most fav via my instagram stories. Did you see them?? This shrimp special above was my numbero UNO. In case you missed the live stories, you can head to my Instagram feed and click on the “Resto Pics” highlights circle below the link in my bio to take a look for yourself =) 

I Adore What I Did March 2018 // I Adore What I Love Blog // #iadorewhatilove

Ok, so maybe I just told a little fib. The day after our double date at Libertad we were in the city for a bday party so we decided to stop at Stan’s Donuts for the best pistachio gluten-free donut in the world!! But this was actually the only thing I ate after that night for two days. I promise I’m telling the truth now!!! Hahahaha TIP: they also have chocolate and blueberry gluten-free donuts available in store {as long as they aren’t sold out!}

I Adore What I Did March 2018 // I Adore What I Love Blog // #iadorewhatilove

Did you know that the Jelly Belly Factory is located at the border of Illinois and Wisconsin? It’s such a fun place to take the kiddies and is only 40 minutes away from my house in the burbs. Not bad for a jam-packed entertaining morning activity that we’ve never experienced before!! I actually had no idea that it even existed prior to my friend Maayan {yep, the same Maayan who we double dated with} telling me about it. But we literally had the best time! We took a train ride through the factory on their FREE tour and then spent all our money on Jelly Belly’s afterwards. Justifiable because again, the tour was FREE. Hahaha insert the laugh-cry emojis here.

I Adore What I Did March 2018 // I Adore What I Love Blog // #iadorewhatilove

We learned so much on the train tour! Who knew they manufacture a ton of other candy as well, such as chocolate dutch mints, gummy bears, and candy corn?! Additionally, they showcase art work and even dresses made out of Jelly Belly’s – it was pretty cool and the perfect morning activity on a cold, rainy day. If you haven’t been yet, I suggest making the trip. They also have homemade fudge. You won’t regret it! –> OH, and if now you’re in the mood for Jelly Belly’s, pick up a box HERE.

I Adore What I Did March 2018 // I Adore What I Love Blog // #iadorewhatilove

We may not celebrate Easter but when JuJu {my aunt} offers to come over and dye easter eggs with Brody, we obviously have to take her up on it! Now B keeps talking about how he wants to do it again!! And again, and again. He literally talks about dying easter eggs on a daily basis because he had so much fun and has never done anything like it! –> To see how his eggs came out, take a look at the finished product HERE. This may be biased, but I was impressed! Did you have a good Easter?

[bctt tweet=”One of the highlights of March: visiting the Jelly Belly Factory! Read about it + a bunch of other stuff we did! ” username=”iadorewhatilove”]

Okay, now that I’ve shared the best of our March, will you share with me your favorite thing you did last month? Tell me in the comments!

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