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11 Trendy and Effective Teething Toys for your Babes

11 Trendy & Effective Teething Toys for your Babes :: I Adore What I Love Blog :: #iadorewhatiloveCould you die from these teething toys? I’ll just get right to it. Levi is going through a major teething stage and unfortunately, it is hitting us like the plague. If you follow me Instagram, then you are definitely already aware that he is the best sleeper in America but not even joking, a few weeks ago we were up ALL NIGHT LONG.

It sucked – for lack of a better word. Like, it was worse than when he was a newborn!!! You see, he didn’t get his first tooth until he was 13 months and ever since, they’re growing in slowly and painfully. I set out to write this post because if I don’t have a teether nearby at any given time, he will start biting who knows what… AKA literally anything and everything he can get his hands on, like the hanger in target he snatched off the rack while we were strolling through the kids aisle over the weekend. GROSS! I thought it would be helpful to all of us with teething toddlers to have a list of cute and effective teethers on hand to ease the pain!

Oh! And some of these are for the mommy’s to wear {which yeah, seems corny} but fear not – they truly look like the trendy jewelry pieces you would buy for yourself! Hello!!! Do you see that cute chevron necklace??? Nobody would even know that it’s made of silicone; welllll that is until your child starts gnawing on it and you keep totally calm and let them bite on!

 | black and pearl white bangles | double chevron pendant | #hashtag | sophie la girafe cooling teether | zoli chubby gummy gum massagers | zebra bracelet | baby banana brush | monkey | banana | watermelon  

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Have you ever dealt with a teething toddler? Let me know if you have more tips and tricks beyond keeping good teething toys in the house!

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