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High Top Toddler Shoe Game Strong!

High Top Toddler Shoe Game Strong :: I Adore What I Love Blog :: #iadorewhatiloveYou know when it’s winter and you don’t *need* to wear snow boots but you also don’t *want* to wear your everyday sneaks because you know your ankles are going to get cold? Well, have no fear, high tops are HERE. And they are cooler, trendier, and more practical than EVER! This season there are SO many fun, playful, and cheeky styles for the boys AND for the girls and I’ve rounded up 14 of them for you to shop for your own littles! Most of these styles are pretty inexpensive from my favorite well-priced stores like Target, Gap, and H&M! Andddd to further my point of these high tops being practical, I made sure to only include versions that can be put on easily with zippers and velcro. SO MUCH YES. All details below! 


  1. Navy // Zip-Up
  2. Brown // Zip-Up
  3. Charcoal Duck // Velcro 
  4. Faux-Leather, Corduroy, and Wool with Inner Sherpa Lining // Zip-Up
  5. Navy Sneakers // Zip-Up
  6. Black // Velcro
  7. Florian // Zip-Up
  8. Brown with Buffalo Check and Inner Sherpa Lining // Zip-Up 
  9. Black with Brown Accents // Zip-Up
  10. Pink with Glitter Heart // Velcro
  11. Blue Floral // Velcro
  12. Rose-Gold Glitter // 3-Velcro Straps
  13. Black with Gold Hearts // Velcro 
  14. White Sequins // Velcro

You can also scroll through the photos below and click on each one to shop easily: 

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Which ones are your favorite? Tell me in the comments of this post! Xo

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