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A Phone Conversation with Banner Day Camp’s Stacy and Howard!

A Phone Conversation with Banner Day Camp’s Stacy and Howard!

January 31, 2019 in I Adore Mom Life, I Adore What I Love, Local Love >/div>
A Phone Conversation with Banner Day Camp's Stacy and Howard :: I Adore What I Love Blog :: #iadorewhatilove

This post is in partnership with Banner Day Camp located in Lake Forest, IL. As always, all opinions are 100% honest, my own, and never influenced by anyone. Thank you for supporting brands that make I Adore What I Love possible =)A Phone Conversation with Banner Day Camp's Stacy and Howard :: I Adore What I Love Blog :: #iadorewhatiloveBy now you know that my husband and I have solidified our decision to send  our 4-year-old, Brody, to Banner Day Camp this coming summer! {but, if you didn’t know that than go ahead and read all about the 9 reasons that convinced us HEREToday, I bring to you a phone conversation that I recently had with Owner/Executive Director, Stacy Schwartz Kotelov, and Co-Executive Director, Howard Thall. We talked about each of their lives and backgrounds, what Banner means to them, how it’s evolved over the years, what they believe sets Banner apart from other camps in the area and SO MUCH MORE!!

A Phone Conversation with Banner Day Camp's Stacy and Howard :: I Adore What I Love Blog :: #iadorewhatiloveStaci, Howard and I had the best time chatting and one of the reasons I wanted to do this is because when Isaiah and I toured Banner for the first time {well, it was his first time – I was a camper there!}, Stacy was our tour guide. First of all, we were wowed by the fact that the owner was giving tours!! As we began walking around the camp grounds and listening to Stacy talk all about it, immediately we could feel her passion and excitement towards Banner. To hear her speak about it was quite remarkable, actually. She’s so warm, incredibly genuine and a huge reason Banner has such a wonderful reputation within the North Shore and beyond!

A Phone Conversation with Banner Day Camp's Stacy and Howard :: I Adore What I Love Blog :: #iadorewhatilove

My hopes is to get allllll the North Shore families sending their kids to Banner because, point blank, it’s SPECIAL! As pointed out in this phone convo with Stacy and Howard!!! So if you’re still unsure of where you’re going to send your littles this summer, grab a glass of coffee {or wine!} and listen away! {in full disclosure and a little selfishly, I’d also loveeee for Brody to make some awesome new friends there this summer, too!! Which I know he will do no matter what but the more the merrier, right?!}

A Phone Conversation with Banner Day Camp's Stacy and Howard :: I Adore What I Love Blog :: #iadorewhatilove

If you’re already sending your child{ren} to Banner, you’ll especially enjoy this phone convo because it will only make you love Staci, Howard, the Banner team, and the camp as a whole even more!!! It really gives you a behind the scenes look at how they run this incredible place that holds so many unbelievable memories for so many kids that have been lucky enough to attend. And if you have any pending questions at all about Banner, they’re probably answered within our chat!

Before you click on the link, however, know that our phone convo starts at the 2 minute 11 seconds mark. If you press play and start from the beginning you will be listening to over 2 minutes of white noise, ugh! This was my first time doing anything like this so thanks for understanding!! Also, let’s be honest, I’m just happy it actually recorded for you guys. LOL I was nervous the whole time we were talking. Ha! 

Soooo, nows the time to grab that glass of coffee or wine, press the link below, start at the 2 minute 11 second mark and SOAK UP THE CONVO!!!!! It’s basically like a podcast!!!! Pretty cool, right?! I’m really proud of myself for this one and can’t thank Stacy and Howard enough for taking precious time out of their day to chat with me! =)

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**Don’t forget to start at 2 minute 11 seconds!**
If for some reason, the player isn’t working in this post – you can listen instead by clicking 

Ahhhh, wasn’t that SO GOOD?!? Did you listen to the whole thing? Don’t be shy about passing this post to friends who are either on the fence about where to send their kids or maybe haven’t decided on a camp for them yet. Stacy and Howard so nicely put into words why Banner Day Camp is truly one of a kind and the way they speak about it is infectious!

And another big appreciation towards Banner Day Camp for these photos! Aren’t they great?!

As Stacy mentioned at the end of our convo, if you have any other questions at all for Banner, are looking to get a tour or register your children, just call! Banner Day Camp is located at 1225 Riverwoods Rd in Lake Forest, IL. 60045. Camp tours are given year round! You can call to set up an appointment at 847.295.4900. Also – go follow them on Instagram HERE!

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