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21 Outdoor Toys You NEED for Your Kids This Summer!

21 Outdoor Toys You NEED for Your Kids This Summer!

21 OUTDOOR TOYS YOU NEED FOR YOUR KIDS THIS SUMMER! :: I Adore What I Love Blog :: #iadorewhatilove

Summer is officially here!!! AKA TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF SUMMER!!! Can you tell I’m excited?? Even though it may not feel exactly like it yet, sooner than later the weather is going to warm up and the sun will be out for good! Whether you live in the burbs with a backyard and a front porch, are in a city condo with a balcony or back porch, or tend to frequent your local pool or beach, as parents, it’s our duty to keep some really fun water toys around for the kids! And today is your lucky day because I rounded up A WHOLE BUNCH {also known as a whopping 21!!!!} really awesome options for you to grab!!! Check them out below!

21 OUTDOOR TOYS YOU NEED FOR YOUR KIDS THIS SUMMER! :: I Adore What I Love Blog :: #iadorewhatilove
  1. Stomp Rocket – kids of all ages will go CRAZY for this!!!!
  2. Golf Ball Set – for the mini-golfer
  3. Splash-N-Swim Water Balls – you always need to have some good soft balls laying around for the kids to play catch with. These ones are ideal since they can get wet too!
  4. Waterfall Discovery Wall – provides endless entertainment
  5. Plastic Ring Toss – great for working on throwing skills
  6. Waterproof Outdoor Storage Container for Toys – not a toy, but a NECESSITY!!! This storage container has the best reviews and the curve allows for water and rain to never be an issue.
  7. Sinking Fish – perfect water table toys!
  8. Chalk – needs no explanation. Everyone loves chalk!
  9. Little Tikes Cozy Coup – a classic for the littles!!
  10. Little Tikes First Slide – sized for younger kids. Will provide years of fun!
  11. Popsicle Mold Maker – for those REALLY hot days, make popsicles! My suggestion: try my Chocolate Banana Marshmallow Popsicles. They are EPIC.
  12. Garden Tool Toy Set – also doubles as sand toys!
  13. Aqua Socks Water Shoes – perfect for when your walking area isn’t always the smoothest. Levi lives in these in our backyard!
  14. Family Lounge Pool – fun for the whole family.
  15. Bubble Blower – supposed to mimic a leaf blower which I think is really cute!
  16. Pear Scented Hint Sunscreen SPF 30 – We’ve been using this and are LOVING it. The kids are into the smell!
  17. Little Tikes Adjustable Basketball Net – Will be used and loved for years and years
  18. Water Table! – EVERY outdoor area needs a water table if you have toddlers!! This one comes with toys for endless fun!
  19. Sprinkler Splash Play Mat – not your average sprinkler =)
  20. Sprinkler – just a normal sprinkler but it has these little worm characters that move around when it’s on!
  21. Light-Up Dinosaur Bubble Gun with Sounds – awesome because you can use it with the most popular bubble bottles!

SO. MANY. OUTDOOR. TOYS!!!!!!! I know there’s a lot but my suggestion would be to first stock up on a few favorites to start your outdoor toy collection from scratch. Then, make sure that you save this post because every month of summer, you can add 2-3 different things to your collection! Many of these toys grow with your kids {ie: the pool, basketball hoop and even the bubbles are fun for all ages!} but also, when they get new stuff it will be exciting!!

But that’s not all – for even MORE awesome outdoor toys, click here for my FULL list {including the ones above!} shown on my Personal Amazon Page!

Just a thought: any one of these toys would make for an awesome summer birthday gift! Or even, an awesome winter birthday gift! I remember back to Brody’s 2nd birthday and some of my friends all went in on a bunch of outdoor toys for him. Even though his birthday was in December and it was full-fledged winter at the time, we loved that we got to bring out the gifts and put them to good use for the new season!! Xox

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