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7 Bento Boxes You Need for Back to School Lunches!

Towards the end of this past school year, I started sharing my kids lunches on my Instagram stories. I’ve gotten great feedback that you not only love seeing what I’m making for my kids on the daily, but that you love seeing the different bento boxes that I use to pack their lunches! This makes me so happy!!!! Over the years, I’ve garnered a random collection of bento boxes and today I’m going to share my favorites + a few that I’ve been eyeing to buy!

Because let’s be honest, packing a lunch is no easy feat, and I believe that bento boxes save you time, money, and in the end, make your life easier! On top of that, they provide built in portion control!!! By using one, you most likely will pack just enough food for your child. Not too much and not too little. For me, that’s invaluable to the little voice within me that doesn’t like things to go to waste! It’s also invaluable to the mama in me who would cry if I knew my son was still hungry after eating his lunch that I packed!!!! Who else has nightmares about that?? Just me?? Not ashamed.

7 BENTO BOXES YOU NEED FOR BACK TO SCHOOL LUNCHES! :: I Adore What I Love Blog :: #iadorewhatilove

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Each bento box featured above is unique and special in its own way. Soooo, with all the picks I found for you, there’s sure to be one that wins you over!! =)


Now that I’ve shared these must-have bento boxes, it’s time to showcase some actual lunches!! Butttt, I’m going to save that post for TOMORROW!! {update: click HERE to read that post!!!} So come back then because I’ll be sharing 10 real lunches that I’ve packed for my kids over this past school year and during camp days this summer. So excited!!!

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