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9 Trendy Hair Accessories to Wear Now!

I don’t know about you, but I am ALL about some great hair accessories! Right now, top knot headbands are all the rage, pearl hair clips and fun barrettes are totally in style, and panama hats are cool on and off the beach! And let’s not forget about scrunchies with scarf bows at the end as well as large colorful snap clips that make the most adorable hair statement!!! {can you say cauuuuuuute?!} Last week on my Insta, I asked you guys whether you’d be into me sharing a blog post of my faves and the answer was a resounding YES! So here it goes…

9 TRENDY HAIR ACCESSORIES TO WEAR NOW! :: I Adore What I Love Blog :: #iadorewhatilove


  1. 12 Top Knot PATTERNED Headbands – currently $14.55 + extra 20% off coupon savings
  2. 14 Alligator Hair Clips – currently $10.97
  3. 80 2-inch Colorful Snap Hair Clips – currently $7.59
  4. Panama Straw Hat – currently $15.98 
  5. 8 Pearl Barrettes – currently $5.99
  6. 6 Satin Scarf Bow Scrunchies – currently $12.99
  7. ‘Hello Sunshine’ Floppy Straw Hat – currently $13.99 
  8. 8 Dainty Metal Barrettes – currently $6.99
  9. 10 Solid Colored Top Knot Headbands – currently $12.97

Did I mention that you can get via Amazon Prime for so cheap?! IT’S TRUE!!!! Because who wants to spend a million dollars on trendy hair accessories?! Not me! But when you can get them inexpensively + they’ll arrive in 2 days or less… count me in!!!

Ready for another tip?? Since most of these are sold in bulk, you can go in with a friend and split up the hair accessories between the two of you. I actually did this with my friend Jori {her idea!!!} and it was so smart! So find a friend and order away! Or just order for yourself and keep them all haha. Either way, you’ll totally be winning in the hair accessory game happening right now! That’s a promise!!

If you feel compelled, let me know which hair accessory trend is your current favorite in the comments. I think mine is topknot headbands AND the scarf ponytail holders. I’m also LOVING colorful snap clips to wear in the back of a high pony. Gosh, it’s hard to choose! Ha.

Along with shopping all my picks via the links above, you can also purchase via my Personal Amazon Page here.

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