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The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly from our Family Winter Break Trip to Florida

January 3, 2020 in I Adore What I Love, The Travel Bug

Happy New Year!!!! So many of you have asked about our trip to Florida and why I didn’t post much while we was there. I’m going to be honest: I didn’t post much because I didn’t take a ton of pics while we were gone. Whyyyy?? Well, let’s just say it was our first family vacation that I wouldn’t quite call 💯

{By the way, did you know that the 💯 emoji is my favorite emoji?! #sureis}

To make a long story short, Levi caught influenza-A {as I talked about on my insta HERE}, we saw more Florida wind 💨 then Florida sun ☀️, and we didn’t get to do a ton of things that we had planned. I’m talking about dinners out, a scheduled professional family photo shoot {this was a BIG shot to the heart!!!!}, pool time, day activities and more 😭 One other thing that I had been looking forward to for months was taking a trip to the discounted clothing store, Dennys, with my friend Haley… but we didn’t get to go!!! So sad!!! In a nutshell, this vacay could have been better!

Once Levi got sick, we spent a lot of time at a local emergency doctor’s clinic and waiting at Walgreen’s pharmacy. Isaiah even took him to a reputable pediatric doctor, too. The whole situation was a bummer and I was very busy Lysol-ing the sh*t out of our hotel rooms + everything Levi touched. I mean, could you blame me?? I was SO paranoid that me, Isaiah, and Brody were going to get the flu too!!! Not to mention, trying to keep Levi and Brody apart {omg so difficult!!!} felt like a full-time job!

But, luckily, the rest of us stayed healthy!! And in looking back on the trip, instead of focusing on the bad and the ugly {gotta move on from it at some point!! Besides, it’s 2020 now, let’s start ANEW!!}, I’m going to focus on all the FUN that my family did have together! Prior to Levi getting sick, we definitely made some great memories with each other that I don’t want to lose sight of!!!

Because overall, even with a bed-ridden child with the flu, the vacay wasn’t a total loss!!!!!


🏊🏼‍♂️ Pool play, beach play {you know I hate the beach but I did it for the kids 🤪} and pool-side lunch with the whole family in a very chic and hip Floridian setting.

⛩ Christmas dinner at 1-800-Lucky spent with my bro, sis-in-law, niece, nephew and some other family friends, too!!! My poke-bowl was delish {shown above!}, the cousins had the BEST time, and ice cream after at Mr. Kream was INSANEEEEE 👏🏼👏🏼 AKA the best ice cream I think I’ve ever had in my life. Over a week later and I’m stillll dreaming about their Mint Chocolate Chip. OMG, too good!!

💃🏻 Watching Levi be so enthralled by the sexy belly dancer at the delish and OH SO FUN Greek restaurant, Taverna Opa!! This picture above does no justice. Hopefully you caught my instagram story videos to understand what I’m referring to!! Most hilarious thing ever!!

🥩 Eating Cuban food at Padrinos with my uncle, aunt and cousin. The boys might have spilled 2 glasses of water at different times {accidentally} during the meal, 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️ but it was delish and the waitress was good about it! Check their website because they have locations all over Florida. {After dinner, we got ice cream at our hotel and the boys had lots of fun cheersing to vacay!!}

🛍 Letting Levi miss a nap on day #2 and enjoying a late lunch at Tap 42 {which my friend Lindsay told me to go to because they were really good with gluten allergies; she was right!!}, shopping till we dropped at Aventura Mall, watching the model trains go round and round because Levi didn’t want to leave it, and buying new sunnies!! 🕶 I’m sure I’ll be showing everyone them via my instagram soon… follow me if you’re not already!!!

🍬 Going to my most favorite pop-up that I’ve been to yet… Candytopia!!!! While I am still so sad that Levi and my husband had to miss out on the candy-coated fun, Brody and I {with our friends!! Hi Haley, Zachary and Julia!} had an absolute blast!!!!! **Candytopia is currently also in Philadelphia and Phoenix. And good news for my local followers, word on the street is that the pop-up is coming to Chicago SOON!! Get excited, you guys!!

Ok, fine here’s a pic of me in my new sunnies, which happen to be on sale!!

See!!!!! We still had fun! Now that we’re home, Levi is totally better now. Though, I have to thank every single one of you for being so concerned and asking about him! Obviously this wasn’t an ideal time to get sick but we made due and still had some great family times while in Florida!!

With that, I’m not oblivious to the fact that this probably isn’t the last vacation we ever go on as a fambam where one of us gets sick {though I’m crossing my fingers that it is!!}, but I promise you this: I will always focus on the positives!! What’s the point in dwelling anyways?? {It literally gets you nowhere!!}

Another bright side to the whole situation: the hotel housekeepers!! Very thankful for them changing our sheets everyday and wiping down all our hotel room surfaces each morning. GAME CHANGER because they took a big load off my shoulders 🤣🙏🏼👊🏼

So, while the end of 2019 was less than stellar for the Harf crew, we made the best of it. Here’s to hoping that the start of 2020 is much better!!! Also hope you’re having a great winter break as well – and hopefully it’s sans sicknesses!!

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