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My New Favorite Beverage: WHIPPED COFFEE {and how I make it healthy-ish!}

April 18, 2020 in Easy Recipes, I Adore What I Love

Whoa whoa whoa. Let’s talk WHIPPED COFFEE. It’s a thing and I’m on board! Actually, it’s the most delicious thing and I’m sorry for keeping you in the dark but I’ve been on board for a while now. I make it everyday for myself and I seriously couldn’t be more obsessed!

Why am I finally professing my love for whipped {AKA dalgona} coffee NOW?! Because I’ve finally found my perfect recipe ratio.

Ya see, it’s alllll over the internet {made famous by Tik Tok} but everyone’s recipe is a littttttle different. My version is HEALTHIER than most but doesn’t lack on flavor – or froth!!! That’s a promise!!

Below, take a look at my fave way to make it…


2 tbsp instant coffee {I use decaf, but you probably don’t want to follow suit on my lead with that, haha }
1 tbsp honey {this is what makes it healthier! Shhh! It also makes it fluffier and gives the beverage those perfect whipped peaks!}
1 tbsp sugar in the raw {aka turbinado sugar}
3 tbsp very hot water {it should almost be boiling!}


Whisk or use a hand-held blender to mix all 4 of these ingredients together until you’ve created a whipped, delicate consistency. Top over 1 cup milk + ice!


  1. Use whatever milk is your go-to. I’ve been using Califia Farms Unsweetened Vanilla almond milk and it’s SO good!
  2. If you have the ability to crush your ice, I’d tell you to use that! Something about crushed ice literally takes the drink to the next level. SO MUCH YES.
  3. DO NOT use a straw! Trust me, it’s wayyy more satisfying without!

It’s not too sweet, and not too strong. Pure perfection! Prepare for your mind to be BLOWN 🤯 and enjoy every creamy sip {I know you will}.

Also, this is not just a morning drink. Yes, I’ve been “whipping” it up {lol no pun intended} in the morning but also midday and even as an after-dinner treat. Why not, right?! I feel like I’m a Starbucks barista at home these days and I’m not mad about it at all. When in quarantine, I guess!

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