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35 Things To Do Before You Turn 35!

Turning 35 is a big deal! At least in my eyes it was. Back in September {11 months ago to the day, actually, which, LOL to that!} when I turned the big 3-5, I asked you guys via my instagram {in this post} what kind of blog topic about turning 35 you’d all be interested in reading. The options were:

  • 35 Things To Do Before You Turn 35
  • 35 Life Lessons I’ve Learned in my 35 Years
  • 35 Reasons to be Happy in Your 30s

I honestly wasn’t sure what was going to interest you most! After 90+ comments of your feedback, an overwhelming majority of you wanted me to write a post about 35 Things To Do Before You Turn 35… and while yes, a month from today I turn another year older yet again, here I am FINALLY sharing this post!!!! {insert laughing emoji here} Better late than never, right?!

35 THINGS TO DO BEFORE YOU TURN 35 :: I Adore What I Love Blog :: #iadorewhatilove

You should know that if I had written this post immediately after turning 35, it probably would have looked a little different than it does today. But things are not as easy as they used to be. We are in the midst of a pandemic now and life isn’t as go go go as it once was. So, while the Coronavirus might put a hold on doing many of these “things” for most people, trust me when I say, life will go back to normal eventually! {Being positive is in my nature, sorry not sorry!} Anyways, if you tackle this list before turning 36, 37, or even 40 and beyond, it’s still a huge feat to be celebrated!

So without further ado, check out my 35 things to do before you turn 35 below!! And no matter how old you are, as you go through the list, count how many things you’ve done so far in life and how many you still would love to do! Here we go!!

  1. Cut your hair at least 5 inches! I did it this past summer and it felt like a weight was lifted off me!!
  2. Graduate from college. {Go IU!}
  3. Live abroad! {Gosh do I miss London-town!}
  4. Run in a race {5k, half marathon, etc. I’ve run 2 half-marathons!!}
  5. Travel to your dream destination. {Hello, Italy!}
  6. Do something that scares the living crap out of you!
  7. Go on a WATER hike {I did this when I traveled to Israel and it was one of my favorite and most memorable things I’ve ever done!}
  8. Volunteer your time to a cause that you care about.
  9. See your favorite artist, musician, band, or musical group in concert.
  10. Fall in love!! {Hi, Isaiah!!}
  11. Vote!!!! No matter who you support! Make your voice heard! Click HERE to find out how you can vote without ever stepping foot into a polling station!
  12. Take a week off from social media… it feels weird at first and then it’s beyond freeing! {or just take a night off, like Isaiah and I did a few weeks ago for date night at home!}
  13. Take an online course about something that you’re passionate about… just for fun!
  14. Make new friends, but keep the old. Weed out the friends who don’t serve you with positivity and happiness.
  15. Take a cooking class and then go home and make the meal again {as a date night, perhaps?!}
  16. Try intermittent fasting. I bet it will make you feel 100!!!!
  17. Go to a party, ALONE. {I’ve done this and while it totally took me out of my comfort zone, it was also kind of awesome!}
  18. Treat the car behind you in the Starbucks drive-thru to their order! Random acts of kindness are my favorite.
  19. We all make mistakes, apologize directly and meaningfully and learn from it in order to better yourself for the future!
  20. BE unapologetically yourself!! This one is something that I truly am just starting to do! And it’s everything!
  21. Eat at a restaurant that’s always been on your bucket-list… even if you have to travel to get there!
  22. Fly in a helicopter. HOWEVER, make sure the weather conditions are pristine and perfect {especially after coming off of what happened to Kobe Bryant}
  23. Make a family recipe! {for my Grandma’s most amazing and easiest banana bread recipe, click HERE!}
  24. Go to a comedy club!
  25. Sing karaoke with all your best friends by your side!
  26. Have kids if you can/are able!! Mine are legit the light of my life!! And they have changed me for the better. Plus, they keep you young.
  27. Go to Disney World as an adult {note: I didn’t do this but I vow to get there in the next few years!!}
  28. Take a girls trip. NECESSARY.
  29. Go to London and enjoy an authentic high tea at The Dorchester hotel. Nothing better!! {one of my favorite afternoon activities when I studied abroad!}
  30. Invest in a really great camera. Then use it. {THIS is mine!}
  31. Listen to podcasts!!! My faves are in the influencer space but there are so many great ones for every kind of person!
  32. Be confident enough to turn something great down when you’re heart isn’t in it {aka no need to say yes to everything!!}
  33. Surprise the person you love with an over-the-top gift!!!!!!!
  34. Speak in front of a large audience. It’s scary for most, but also totally thrilling once you do it!! {I did this when I was asked by Lindsay of Bump Club and Beyond to join their first Real Moms Panel at Gearapoalooza last year! The room was filled to the brim and people were standing. I was so nervous but also loved every second!!}
  35. Host a dinner party!!! Because life is all about having fun with the people you love!

Good list, am I right?! I really tried to think out of the box with these while also being realistic about what someone can accomplish in their 35 years on this planet. If you did count how many things you’ve done already, whatever your age, DM me on instagram and let me know! You’d seriously make my day!!

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PS the cute top I’m wearing in these pics is old {obviously, since I took them on my 35th bday!!!} but it’s Free People and I’m linking a bunch of my current fave FP tops {think classic + band tees} here!!


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  • EMMA September 19, 2020 at 8:25 pm

    You are very beautiful. Thanks for sharing 35 Things To Do Before You Turn 35! post. I really like it. xoxo fashion for womens

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