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Every Halloween Costume My Boys Have Worn Through the Years!

October 23, 2020 in I Adore Mom Life, I Adore What I Love

Happy almost Halloween! I thought it would be fun to go down memory lane with some pictures of my boys’ past costumes. Seeing these pics always makes me a little teary eyed because how are they growing up SO FAST?!?!?! Obviously halloween is going to be different this year but one thing is for certain: we can still dress our kids up and we can still have fun! Candy scavenger hunt, anyone?! Okay, let’s get to the costumes. Hopefully they can be inspiring for halloween years to come!

Brody the Biker Boy! {2015}

This was Brody’s first Halloween and I will always remember it!! We went to a Halloween event at Monica & Andy and out of all the kids there {there were a lot!!} he won their Halloween costume contest!!!! Especially as a first time mom, I was VERY excited about it! Haha!

Shop the costume: bandana | biker Boy Costume | Leather-look leggings

Brody The Scuba Diver! {2016}

Ahhh one of my favorite costumes of all time! I knew I wanted to create this for my future child since before I even had a child! And then, once I had Brody, I thought it would work better as a walking almost-2-year-old than a crawling almost 1-year-old. I vividly remember going to a family halloween party and literally EVERYONE coming up to me commenting on B’s costume. Which, did I mention was completely HAND-MADE! Now, I don’t consider myself crafty by nature but when I commit to an idea, I follow-through. Such a good one!

Shop The DIY Costume: Black T-shirt | Black Zip-Up Hoodie | Black Joggers | Kids Scuba Goggles | Green Foam Sheet | Black Tube | Black Tape | Pacifier | An empty 2 Liter Pop Bottle | Silver Spray Paint | Wide Black Tape

Brody The Bears Football Player & Levi the Football {2017}

Levi’s first Halloween!!! I had to go all out, obviously! And if I’m being honest, the second I found out that I was having another boy, I thought about Halloween. I can’t be the only one, right?! I knew I had to do a sibling costume like none other! A football player + a football was at the top of my list! I’d say it was a success! I mean, look at the cuteness!!!

Shop The Costumes: Kids Bears Player Costume | Baby Football Costume

Brody The Dinosaur & Levi The Ghostbuster {2018}

How quickly do these kids have to start making all the decisions! Brody wanted to be a dinosaur in 2018 and while it wasn’t my first choice, I’d say we definitely found the BEST dino costume on the market. Levi, on the other hand. was a sweet little one year old who, at the time, wore whatever I told him to!! I DIYed a Ghostbusters costume and think it came out pretty epic! I LOVED this costume!

Shop The Costume: Dinosaur Costume | Solid White Zip-Up Onesie | Ghostbusters Iron-On Patch | Red Beanie | All Black Gym Shoes | “Glasses”

Superman Brody & Levi as Thomas the Train {2019}

2019 officially became the year where this mama had NO say. Insert all the teary-eyed emoji faces here! Despite that, the boys were so crazy excited about their costumes that I didn’t even care I didn’t get to choose their costumes! Brody was all about being Superman and Levi was crazy obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine {still is!!!} so naturally, I wasn’t surprised when that’s what he chose to be! Pro Tip on the Thomas costume – I stuffed the front with paper towel and then taped it shut to alleviate any flimsiness. Worked like a charm!

Shop The Costume: Superman Costume | Yellow Beanie | Thomas the train Costume | Teal Beanie

Any guesses what my two crazy pumpkins are going to be this year?! I’m not going to let the cat out of the bag just yet but make sure to follow me on the Insta @danaivy for all the mom tips + tricks as well as the first look at the boy’s 2020 halloween costumes! This year might not be what anybody expected, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate, get dressed up, and eat all the candy!!

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