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Weekly Wins // #1

February 5, 2016

It’s Friday!! I, for one, am excited for the weekend and am also excited to say buh bye to this past week – unfortunately, it was a rough one {more on that later}. Anywayssss, back to being excited about the weekend…

I Adore What I DID // January 2016

January 29, 2016

You have no idea how amazing it has been for me to be back in all my blogging glory during this past month! Throughout my little blog hiatus, I really felt like a piece of me was missing, and while my…

Let’s Get Reacquainted

January 21, 2016

There’s you, me, and sadly a over a whole year of time that we’ve missed in each other’s lives. Blah! My fault! Ok, 3 posts into blogging again and I am officially going to stop dwelling (though, I just can’t believe I…


January 19, 2016

I am still the same person I always was but over this past year, my life has changed tremendously! For one, I’m a mom now! And I adore every aspect of the job.  Yes, I do consider it a job,…