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Your Kids will LOVE These 3 Healthy Snacks

Years ago, we were at the airport and I was hungry! I wanted a snack but didn’t want to succumb to the typically unhealthy airport grub. Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised when I found DANG coconut chips at one of the kiosks! Because as a coconut lover for life, I obviously had to try them. I was completely stunned by how delicious these…

Over making school lunches?
Been there. 
Grab my freebie with 
100+ E A S Y school lunch box ideas 
to help you create healthy lunches for your kids all year in under 5 minutes a day!!
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My Top 16 Picks From The Spring Sephora Sale 2022

To most, spring garners images of the birds chirping, pretty flowers, and warmer weather and while that is true for me, too, I also always get excited for the Spring Sephora Sale! Which is happening NOW until April 11. This is literally the time of year when I stock up on all my favorite Sephora products + rebuy anything that I’ve recently used…

All My Amazon Purchases From February

While I didn’t lean on Amazon during the month of February as much as I did in January of this year {nobody can deny that my January Amazon purchases were totally epic lol!}, the one and only Amazon still came to my rescue on more occasions than one! I bought some REALLY cute winter/spring beanies, a few vacay necessities, another pair of my…

8 Baby Must-Haves for the First Year

As I was changing Demi’s diaper the other day and spraying her diaper cream {spraying is the operative word there} on her cute tushie, I thought about all the amazing products that I use with her – baby #3 – that either weren’t around when my first two were born or I didn’t choose to invest in. I scanned through what a typical…

This BBQ Chicken Foil Pack Will be on Your Weeknight Dinner Rotation for Years

This is one of those recipes I have been making for YEARS… and will continue to make for yearssss. I honestly don’t remember where the recipe came from but it’s been in my weeknight dinner rotation since before I had kids! It’s great because it has all the components that traditionally amounts to a main meal: protein {the chicken}, vegetables {the orange peppers…



My Name is Dana Ivy.

Hey hey! I’m a MOM of three, here to share and I’m so happy you found me!! As a Chicago lifer {currently settled in the North Shore ‘burbs}, self-admitted shopping addict, and foodie, at the core I’m really just a mom {and a wife, gotta give a shout-out to my hubby!} just trying to balance it all! My 3 kids are my whole entire world and while being their mom is the BEST thing ever, it ain’t always easy! I created this space for all the moms out there who are just trying to get by... WE are all in this together! Read More.

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