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February 28, 2020

I’d say for the past year, I have been really trying to save my best content for my blog! However, I still tend to bang out some pretty meaty IG posts too! I’m talking informative posts that leave you, the…

Our Family Hanukkah Traditions!

December 19, 2019

So this week, a few friends and I have come together to share all about our family holiday traditions! Not only has it been so fun hearing about what other people do with their families during this time of year,…

Local Love: the kids classes at Rootz are Awesome

July 2, 2019

Local friends, you heard it here first: Rootz is AWESOME. If you aren’t familiar with the facility, get excited because I’m about to blow your mind!! {Plus, I have an awesome discount code for you at the bottom of this post so keep reading!!!}