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The Perfect Scarf

May 16, 2013

Although I have a million, I’ve never been a scarf-with-my-outfit type girl.  Of course I wear scarves in the dead of winter, but as part of my outfit on your average spring or summer day, no thank you!  I’ve always…

Sweater Weather

March 6, 2013

Click above to be linked to my polyvore page of this spread. From there, you can check out the details of each individual sweater I’ve featured. I love each one more than the next!

Lip Savior

March 4, 2013

eos Sweet Mint eos Lemon Drop SPF 15 eos Summer Fruit Not a joke, my lips have been dryyyyyyy during these past two cold, bitter, winter months. Like alligator dry. I constantly pick at them with my fingers and even…

Recipe: White Chocolate {Mint} Bark

December 24, 2012

In honor of the holidays, I’ve decided to blog my first recipe, White Chocolate {Mint} Bark!  While I do love to bake and often come up with my own recipes, unfortunately, I cannot take the credit for this one.  A…